Brock Davis - Mixed-Media Artist

Mixed-media artist Brock Davis has said of his show Make Something Cool Everyday that he likes that not everything is his best work. He says of the project, “you can’t hide from your successes and failures; they’re on display.” Are there successes or failures of yours that you would like to hide from other people? What makes them difficult to share with the world?

How does Davis incorporate different types of media in his artwork? What can be advantageous about using mixed media? What might be a disadvantage?

Try your own Make Something Cool experiment. Do it over a period of days, or speed it up so that you must create something cool every hour, or even every minute. Is it easy for you to think up new, creative and different things? Do you find yourself coming back to the same ideas? How do you find new inspiration when you have to do the same task of creating?

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