Astronautalis: The River The Woods


Andy Bothwell, a.k.a. “Astronautalis,” carefully crafts his message in all of his songs. He crafts lyrics as a rapper, but frames them in music that draws from many other genres. Listening to his song The River the Woods, do you think his song is more rap or more rock? Now listen to his song Measure the Globe. How does this song compare stylistically to The River the Woods? What about the editing styles of both songs is different or the same?

Astronautalis is on the road so much that he explains that random hotel rooms feels more “home” to him than his own home in Minnesota. Are you a home body or do you have wanderlust like Astronautalis? Have you ever travelled outside of the state? Outside of the country? There are benefits to both exploring your home town and exploring the wider world.  Make a list of 5 places in the world you would like to visit, then make a list of 5 places in your own state you would like to visit.

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