Anton Armstrong and the St. Olaf Choir


For 25 years, Anton Armstrong has led the nationally renowned St. Olaf Choir. He has worked with several gifted composers, including former student Abbie Betinis. Anton says he is inspired by Abbie’s music because in addition to being a great musician, she has fought cancer several times.

Write about a piece of music that inspires you. What about it is inspiring? Is it the musician’s personal story? The cleverness of the lyrics? The sound of the music?

Although the St. Olaf Choir performs a lot of classical songs, Anton also looks to contemporary composers to keep the repertoire fresh and to support emerging artists.

Curate your own “mini concert” around the piece of music you chose above. Pair it with 4-6 other songs to create a well-rounded concert that highlights music from different time periods and different genres, around a loose theme. Invent a title for your concert and create a program or concert poster.

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