Amy Toscani – Sculptor

Amy Toscani uses the words “playful” and “primal” to describe her work and likens herself to a “mad scientist in the Lab.” Toscani doesn’t worry about technique; she thinks perfection is “boring.” She throws the rules out the window and says she “can’t believe more people don’t do this.”

How did you react to her works? Do they resonate with you? Write about your response to their size and to her choice of “low-brow” materials. Some people wonder about her choices. Are you uncomfortable with her use of non-traditional techniques to make art? Is it art?

Amy Toscani insists that the viewer of art has half the responsibility. Have you ever looked at art and said, “I don’t get it?” Take the challenge she throws down and “get it.” Look at a piece of her work or another piece of art you always thought you didn’t understand. Instead of giving up, pretend you are the curator with the responsibility to write the label when your museum displays the piece. Analyze it and summarize your response giving reasons for your description.

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