Amanda Lovelee - Visual Artist

“As a scientist you need to create answers; as an artist you have the ability to create questions.” Torn between becoming a scientist or an artist, Amanda Lovelee ultimately chose art, but she likes to combine science with her art, which she feels puts a weight to what she’s trying to say. Do you find yourself drawn more to science or to art? Could you see yourself combining the two somehow? Explain your responses.

After attending a square dance, Amanda Lovelee was struck by how few places exist where it is acceptable for strangers to touch. She became interested in square dancing as a vehicle for human connection. This idea was the inspiration for a successful all-night project that combined square dancing, book printing, hand holding and pie eating. Brainstorm independently or with others ideas for an event that brings people together for both social interaction and art-making. What product would you have the participants make? Why?

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