Zorongo Flamenco

Founder and Artistic Director Susana Di Palma introduces the American-Spanish dance company and school Zorongo Flamenco.

Susana di Palma fell in love with the art of Flamenco on her first visit to Spain as a child. She returned to Spain countless times over the years, even taking up residency at one point. It was family that eventually drew her back to Minnesota to stay, and she couldn’t resist bringing Flamenco back with her. di Palma’s dance company, Zorongo Flamenco, has been teaching the art of Flamenco to Minnesotans of all ages since the early 1980s. Zorongo produces beautiful theatrical Flamenco shows, starring dancers from both Minnesota and around the world. Special Thanks: The Cowles Center for Dance + The Performing Arts Additional Footage: Joel Lagerquist Zorro score by Pedro Cortés Locas Mujeres y Mas score by Ricardo Anglada Marias Allegria score by Arcadio Marin

Air Date 11/2/13

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