Spencer Wirth-Davis

Spencer "Big Cats" Wirth-Davis

Spencer Big Cats Wirth-Davis honors the memory of his mother with his instrumental hip hop and R+B album.

Spencer “Big Cats” Wirth-Davis was frustrated with copyright restrictions inherent in the hip hop music he was creating with sampled beats. When his mother and biggest supporter succumbed to ovarian cancer, he buried himself in composition, creating a mountain of original work to sample from. The youngest composer and only hip hop artist recognized with a McKnight Composers Fellowship from the American Composers Forum and the McKnight Foundation, Wirth-Davis’ resulting instrumental hip hop/R+B album For My Mother was released in October 2012. Special Thanks: Eric Blomquist Additional Footage: Isaac Gale Jason Ho David Jensen Adam Krinsky Unique Techniques Additional Musicians: Joseph Adrian - Guitar, Electric Sitar Eric Blomquist - Saxophone Claire de Lune - Vocals Andrew Foreman - Bass Guitar K.Raydio - Vocals Lizzo - Flute/Vocals Graham O’Brien - Drummer Michael Ries - Organ Joe Strachan - Rhodes Kay Stresman - Piano Christopher Tures - Guitar

Air Date 11/2/13

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