Bounxou Duoheuang

Bounxou Daoheuang

Bounxou Daoheaung demonstrates the beautiful, intricate, and painstaking process of Lao weaving. This is one way in which, she says, "The Lao culture can stay alive forever."

Bounxou Daoheuang demonstrates the intricate art of Lao weaving; the same technique she learned from her mother and grandmother before she fled Laos in the mid 1970's during the height of the Vietnam War. While living as a refugee in Thailand, she passed along her weaving skills to other women refugees as a means of preserving their cultural heritage. Now a Minnesotan and a weaver of 32 years, Daoheuang shares her art with her own daughter. Minnesota Music in this Segment: Greg Herriges

Air Date 11/11/10

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