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Allen Downs Project

Allen Downs Life and Work: Winter Quarter in Mexico commemorated the 40th anniversary of Downs art-based study abroad program.

Allen Downs, a former film and photography professor and the founder of the University of Minnesota’s film department in 1952, initiated and led the Winter Quarter in Mexico study abroad from 1972 to 1976. This experiential learning program connected students with native artisans in Tlaxiaco, Mexico. The 2013 group exhibition “Allen Downs Life and Work: Winter Quarter in Mexico” displayed the paintings, photographs and films of Allen Downs alongside student work created during the Winter Quarters. Linda Passon-McNally, a member of the inaugural group of students, organized this first retrospective of the late Downs’ diverse body of work to preserve his legacy and memorialize the 40th anniversary of the Winter Quarter. The commemoration also included a concert by his daughter, Lila Downs, a graduate of the University of Minnesota and a Grammy-award winning singer/songwriter. Special Thanks: Walker Art Center's Ruben/Bentson Film Collection Katherine E. Nash Gallery Howard Oransky Kat Cook Cindy Byram Karen Haselmann Rachel Kirchgasler Acquired Media: Walker Art Center's Ruben/Bentson Film Collection Sony Music Mexico Syril McNally Jamie Utzinger Minnesota Music in This Segment: Lila Downs Peter Ostroushko Robert Everest

Air Date 1/26/14

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