For over 35 years, TPT has led the public media system in creating standards-based, equitable and innovative STEM media and programming for children, families and educators. With the onset of COVID-19 and the need to support Minnesota educators and families, TPT realized it had an opportunity to apply knowledge from its national programming to local and state needs, TPT’s new education team has instituted a pilot year to grow relationships with school districts, youth organizations and parents; to build standards-aligned activities and learning tools into local production; and to seek support for widely disseminating TPT educational resources statewide. This project is called TPT Learn.

TPT Learn has a simple, powerful goal: In partnership with our community, TPT will become the premiere media resource for Minnesota educators. Building on our national leadership in educational media and engagement, which includes popular STEM initiatives like Newton’s Apple, DragonflyTV, SciGirls, and Hero Elementary, we combine PBS television series and digital media with hands-on activities for youth, professional development for educators and turnkey resources for parents.

TPT Learn creates new educational content and learning tools; curates PBS and TPT resources; activates learning via broadcast, virtual and in-person events; and provides critical training for formal and informal educators. Most importantly, we don’t do this alone; instead, we collaborate with educators, parents, caregivers, policymakers, media professionals and other thought leaders. Together, we will reflect our community’s strength, needs and ideas in innovative media that helps us all learn, communicate and connect.

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