Stories I Didn't Know: Filmmaker Discussion

Stories I Didn't Know: Filmmaker Discussion

Sunday, March 28th

Virtual Event

Rita Davern’s family members have always been proud to say that their ancestors once owned Pike Island, a beautiful piece of land in Minnesota. Once she learns how sacred this land was to the Dakota people who lived there for generations, Rita attempts to understand what happened to the land and the people, and why. She documented her journey in facing the complicated legacy of westward expansion in the United States – and her own family’s role in that history.

Watch the film on TPT 2 at the times below then join Stories I Didn’t Know co-directors Rita Davern and Melody Gilbert and subjects of the film as they discuss the documentary and ways to create understanding and empathy through story sharing. Participants will leave the discussion with resources on continuing the conversation.

Stories I Didn’t Know airs:
Monday, March 22 at 9 pm on TPT 2
Sunday, March 28 at 4 pm on TPT 2

This event is part of Moving Lives Minnesota: Stories of Origin & Immigration, which explores the histories of the many communities who have moved through and to Minnesota, with support from the Minnesota Humanities Center.


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