Second Saturdays

September 12th Virtual Second Saturdays

Second Saturdays

Saturday, September 12th
8:30 AM & 10:00 AM

Virtual Event

Keep your kids active, learning, and engaged with TPT PBS KIDS. We miss seeing your smiling faces, and we’re creating a new experience to help us stay connected while practice social distancing.

During this virtual Second Saturday, kids will hear stories, participate in experiments, games and activities, hear from special guests from around the state of Minnesota, and watch clips from their favorite PBS KIDS shows. We will make this as interactive as possible, so find your favorite spot to watch and prepare to join us for a morning of fun!

For this month’s Second Saturdays event, we will be reading Cameron Goes to School with author Sheletta Burndidge, learning about science with KaMia Watson, and working on another interactive crafting project. We will also be featuring the new PBS KIDS show Elinor Wonders Why!

Join in the fun and then share what you made!

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