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Lost Nuke
Genre: History

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Airs Tuesday May 20th
In February of 1950 the world's largest bomber took off on a secret Cold War mission from Alaska. Inside the belly of the B-36 was a Mk. IV nuclear bomb and its 13-pound plutonium core. The route would take aircraft "075" along the British Colombia coastline until it reached Washington State where it would turn inland. But this would not be a normal mission. An engine fire forced the crew of 17 to abandon the massive bomber over the BC coast. Despite the largest search and rescue operation in Air Force history, five of the crewmen, along with the bomber and its nuclear weapon, were presumed lost in the depths of the Pacific Ocean. Three years later a giant aircraft was found high in the Kologet Mountains of northern British Columbia. It was identified as 075, strangely 200 miles north of its last known flight path. How could this have occurred? LOST NUKE recreates the enigmatic events surrounding the first disappearance of a nuclear weapon.
46 minutes long
tpt MN Channel 2.2

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