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Chart a year in the life of Freddie and Stuart as they enjoy their inheritance and a birthday. Premieres Sunday, June 19 at 8/7c. #ViciousPBS

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This comedic series tells the story of aging partners Freddie (Ian McKellen) and Stuart (Derek Jacobi), two men who have lived together in their Covent Garden flat for nearly 50 years. Freddie was a budding actor and Stuart worked in a bar when they first met, but their careers are pretty much over and their lives now consist of entertaining their frequent guests, making sure that their aged dog Balthazar is still breathing, and hurling caustic insults at each other.
Upcoming Air Dates
  • #101 — Vicious |
    Sunday, Oct 8 at 10:35pm TPT 2
  • #101 — Vicious |
    Monday, Oct 9 at 4:35am TPT 2
  • #102 — Vicious |
    Sunday, Oct 15 at 10:30pm TPT 2
  • #102 — Vicious |
    Monday, Oct 16 at 4:30am TPT 2
  • #103 — Vicious |
    Sunday, Oct 22 at 10:30pm TPT 2
  • #101 — Vicious
    Freddie and Stuart host a wake. Joined by their small circle of elderly friends, the couple manages to create a splendidly awkward evening of meager food and liberal insults. Joining them is Freddie and Stuart's young neighbor Ash, whose sexuality is a point of interest. Ash spends the evening trying to be a good guest while fending off the advances of Freddie and Stuart's predatory best friend, Violet.
    Sunday, Oct 8 at 10:35pm TPT 2
    Monday, Oct 9 at 4:35am TPT 2
  • #102 — Vicious
    Freddie and Stuart shop for a new coat for Freddie for his fan club event. Since the coat is more expensive than they'd expected, Stuart finds a way of secretly raising some cash. Meanwhile, Ash seeks Freddie and Stuart's advice to win back his ex-girlfriend. Violet is more than happy to help, and Ash and Violet, along with friend Penelope, take an eventful trip to the shops, where they make a shocking discovery.
    Sunday, Oct 15 at 10:30pm TPT 2
    Monday, Oct 16 at 4:30am TPT 2
  • #103 — Vicious
    Ash is confused about his career. Freddie, who has an important audition coming up, suggests Ash pursue acting and teaches him the tricks of the trade. When Ash secures an acting role after only one audition, Freddie is thrown into a state of depression. Stuart must come up with a plan to renew his confidence. Meanwhile, Violet seeks advice from Freddie and Stuart about her tumultuous love affair with her Hungarian boyfriend.
    Sunday, Oct 22 at 10:30pm TPT 2
    Monday, Oct 23 at 4:30am TPT 2
  • #104 — Vicious
    Freddie, Stuart and the gang go clubbing after Ash gets a job handing out club fliers. By the end of the night, only Freddie is left standing and Stuart feels left out. Overcome by popularity, Freddie heads back to the club with Ash's trendy friends, but soon realizes clubbing isn't for him. With Violet in Argentina with her new lover, Stuart seeks comfort in his dotty friend Penelope, who offers him some surprising advice.
    Sunday, Oct 29 at 10:30pm TPT 2
    Monday, Oct 30 at 4:30am TPT 2


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