The Roe Family Singers | Full Episode | The Lowertown Line

Old-time Hillbilly band The Roe Family Singers perform live at TPT studios in Lowertown St. Paul. The band recalls their origin story, their fondness for circus instruments, and the economics of being modern day musicians. Filmed on February 9th, 2017.

Air Date 5/17/17

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Recorded in TPT‘s studios with a live audience, The Lowertown Line pairs concert-style musical performance with insightful conversation with the artists. These dynamic performance specials are made possible by the State Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.
Upcoming Air Dates
  • #305 — The 4onthefloor |
    Saturday, Jul 29 at 12am TPT LIFE
  • #306 — Black Diet |
    Saturday, Jul 29 at 12:30am TPT LIFE
  • #307 — The Blind Shake |
    Sunday, Jul 30 at 11pm TPT LIFE
  • #308 — Doomtree |
    Sunday, Jul 30 at 11:30pm TPT LIFE
  • #307 — The Blind Shake |
    Saturday, Aug 5 at 12am TPT LIFE
  • #305 — The 4onthefloor
    Performing all of their songs in 4/4 time, with four kick drums, it's easy to see where The 4ontheFloor gets their name. Front man Gabriel Douglas talks about his fear of playing fast, his love of relentless drumming and how the band makes sure everyone has a good time at their infectiously energetic live shows.
    Saturday, Jul 29 at 12am TPT LIFE
  • #306 — Black Diet
    Black Diet is a garage/indie/soul band who formed in 2011. The members of the band met on Craiglist and come from diverse musical background that include gospel, cabaret, blues, funk, afrobeat and punk rock. They perform a live set at Bedlam Lowertown in downtown St. Paul, and talk about thrift store clothing, making money and being friends.
    Saturday, Jul 29 at 12:30am TPT LIFE
  • #307 — The Blind Shake
    Three piece garage rock band The Blind Shake perform live at The Amsterdam Bar and Hall in St. Paul. Their music combines 60's psychedelia influences with a contemporary punk rock sound. The band talks about their on stage image, old school recording techniques, and Minnesota's connection to surf music.
    Sunday, Jul 30 at 11pm TPT LIFE
    Saturday, Aug 5 at 12am TPT LIFE
  • #308 — Doomtree
    Minneapolis hip-hop collective Doomtree performs at the Varsity Theater on the tenth anniversary of the first Doomtree "Blowout." The band talks about their origins, learning how to create hip hop and the business of music.
    Sunday, Jul 30 at 11:30pm TPT LIFE
    Saturday, Aug 5 at 12:30am TPT LIFE
  • #309 — Heiruspecs
    Formed while attending St. Paul Central High School back in the 90's, hip-hop veterans Heiruspecs have continued to make music for over a decade. Heiruspecs play hip hop live, with instruments not samples, and are known for their distinctive song writing style and well received live shows. The band has contributed substantially to the flourishing hip-hop scene in the Twin Cities; so much so in fact that St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman declared December 22nd Heiruspecs Day.
    Saturday, Aug 19 at 12am TPT LIFE
    Sunday, Aug 20 at 11pm TPT LIFE
  • #310 — Kitten Forever
    Taking inspiration from feminism, punk and pop music, Kitten Forever's aesthetic is both stripped down and personal. The bass and drum trio rocks a low-fi, loud, energetic sound. Kitten Forever are captured during a live set at The Amsterdam Bar in St Paul. The band also sits down to talk to us about their personal and tongue-in-cheek lyrics, the power of flower crowns, creativity and feminism.
    Sunday, Aug 20 at 11:30pm TPT LIFE
    Saturday, Aug 26 at 12am TPT LIFE
  • #311 — PaviElle
    Growing up in the Rondo neighborhood of St. Paul and getting her start at Penumbra Theater, multidisciplinary artist PaviElle's neo-soul voice is as robust as her career. From writing a one woman play to performing with a large backing band, PaviElle has taken the Twin Cities music scene by storm with her intimate performances and expressive sound.
    Sunday, Aug 27 at 11pm TPT LIFE
    Saturday, Sep 2 at 12am TPT LIFE
  • #312 — Nicholas David
    Nicholas David is a vibrant, soulful, and prolific singer / songwriter, who incorporates multiple genres, instruments and influences into his music. He uses his musical talent as an agent for social change, whether it be raising money for local public schools or with his environmentally friendly music label.
    Sunday, Aug 27 at 11:30pm TPT LIFE
  • #313 — Cloud Cult
    The eclectic indie pop group, Cloud Cult performs at Northern Spark festival in Minneapolis. The band discusses environmental awareness, digresses upon the wonders of humanity, and does the hokey pokey. After all, that's what it's all about, isn't it?
    Sunday, Sep 3 at 11pm TPT LIFE
  • #314 — John Mark Nelson
    John Mark Nelson performs his new album, I'm Not Afraid, in front of a live studio audience in TPT's street space in Lowertown, St. Paul and discusses his work ethic and the benefits of failure in his young music career.
    Sunday, Sep 3 at 11:30pm TPT LIFE


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