The Charles W. Morgan

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THE CHARLES W. MORGAN tells the extraordinary story of America's last wooden whale ship still in existence and the incredible saga of the United States' first global industry. From her humble beginnings in New Bedford, Mass. in 1841, the documentary follows the adventures of the Charles W. Morgan on her 37 voyages around the world. This "lucky ship" survived freeze-ups in the Arctic, attacks by South Sea headhunters, fire aboard ship and a host of other calamitous events. The documentary chronicles the efforts in Mystic, Conn. to restore the 170-year-old Charles W. Morgan and make it seaworthy before it sets sail on its 38th voyage. Combining archival material with evocative cinematography and powerful on-camera interviews, the film chronicles the rise and fall of America's whaling industry using the only remaining vessel of the time period as a portal to the past.

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