Secrets of the Dead

The Mona Lisa Mystery

Hers is the most famous smile in the world, visited and studied by thousands every year, a priceless work of art —the one and only Mona Lisa. Or is it unique? With its striking similarities to the painting in the Louvre Museum, the so-called Isleworth Mona Lisa has remained an art world mystery since she was found in 1912. Did Leonardo da Vinci paint the legendary portrait twice?

Air Date 7/9/14

Part detective story, part true-life drama, SECRETS OF THE DEAD unearths evidence from around the world, challenging prevailing ideas and throwing fresh light on unexplained events. Using the most up-to-date science in the laboratory and in the field, scientists and researchers examine the missing pieces of each puzzle, completing the picture of what had been merely an assemblage of suppositions.
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  • #1206 — Bones of the Buddha |
    Saturday, Jul 8 at 2pm TPT 2
  • #1206 — Bones of the Buddha |
    Thursday, Jul 13 at 7pm TPT LIFE
  • #1206 — Bones of the Buddha |
    Friday, Jul 14 at 1am TPT LIFE
  • #1302 — The Lost Diary of Dr. Livingstone |
    Thursday, Aug 3 at 9pm TPT 2
  • #1302 — The Lost Diary of Dr. Livingstone |
    Friday, Aug 4 at 3am TPT 2
  • #1206 — Bones of the Buddha
    When colonial estate manager Willie Peppe set his workers digging at a mysterious hill in Northern India in 1898, he had no idea what they'd find. Just over 20 feet down, they made an amazing discovery: a huge stone coffer, containing five reliquary jars, more than 1,000 separate jewels and some ash and bone. One of the jars bore an inscription that appeared to say that these were the remains of the Buddha himself. This seemed to be the most extraordinary find in Indian archaeology. But doubt and scandal have hung over this amazing find for more than 100 years. For some, the whole thing is an elaborate hoax. For others, it is no less than the final resting place of the leader of one of the world's great religions, a sage who died nearly 2,500 years ago. For the doubters, suspicion focuses on a key figure from the time, disgraced German archaeologist Dr. Anton Fuhrer. Renowned historian Charles Allen sets out to solve this extraordinary mystery, once and for all.
    Saturday, Jul 8 at 2pm TPT 2
    Thursday, Jul 13 at 7pm TPT LIFE
    Friday, Jul 14 at 1am TPT LIFE
  • #1302 — The Lost Diary of Dr. Livingstone
    To celebrate the 200th anniversary of Dr. David Livingstone's birth, new forensic techniques are being used to study the famed explorer's lost diary, which reveals he was witness to the brutal massacre of slaves at the hands of their traders. The writings in this diary suggest Livingstone was far different from the legend that surrounds him.
    Thursday, Aug 3 at 9pm TPT 2
    Friday, Aug 4 at 3am TPT 2


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