Dance for Me

In Dance for Me, 15-year-old Russian performer Egor leaves home and family to team up with 14-year-old Mie, one of Denmark's most promising young dancers. Strikingly different, Egor and Mie bond over their passion for Latin dance — and for winning. As they head to the championships, so much is at stake: emotional bonds, career and the future.

Air Date 7/21/14

POV presents an array of groundbreaking and distinctive perspectives on contemporary life as chronicled by some of America' s and Europe's most visionary non-fiction filmmakers.
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  • #3001 — Dalya's Other Country/4.1 Miles |
    Sunday, Jul 2 at 10:30pm TPT 2
  • #3001 — Dalya's Other Country/4.1 Miles |
    Saturday, Jul 8 at 10:32pm TPT LIFE
  • #2709 — Big Men |
    Sunday, Jul 9 at 4:32am TPT LIFE
  • #3002 — The War Show |
    Sunday, Jul 9 at 10:30pm TPT 2
  • #2610 — The World Before Her |
    Monday, Jul 10 at 12am TPT 2
  • #2610 — The World Before Her
    This program tells tells the tale of two Indias. In one, Ruhi Singh is a small-town girl competing in Bombay to win the Miss India pageant -- a ticket to stardom in a country wild about beauty contests. In the other India, Prachi Trivedi is the young, militant leader of a fundamentalist Hindu camp for girls, where she preaches violent resistance to Western culture, Christianity and Islam. Moving between these divergent realities, the film creates a provocative portrait of the world's largest democracy at a critical transitional moment-and of two women who hope to shape its future.
    Monday, Jul 10 at 12am TPT 2
  • #2706 — Fallen City
    In today's go-go China, an old city completely destroyed by a devastating earthquake can be rebuilt -- boasting new and improved civic amenities -- in an astoundingly quick two years. But, as this film reveals, the journey from the ruined old city of Bichuan to the new Bichuan nearby is long and heartbreaking for the survivors. Three families struggle with loss -- most strikingly the loss of children and grandchildren -- and feelings of loneliness, fear and dislocation that no amount of propaganda can disguise. First-time director Zhao Qi offers an intimate look at a country torn between tradition and modernity.
    Monday, Jul 17 at 12am TPT 2
  • #2709 — Big Men
    Over five years, director Rachel Boynton and her cinematographer filmed the quest for oil in Ghana by Dallas-based Kosmos. The company develops the country's first commercial oil field, yet its success is quickly compromised by political intrigue and accusations of corruption. As Ghanaians wait to reap the benefits of oil, the filmmakers discover violent resistance down the coast in the Niger Delta, where poor Nigerians have yet to prosper from decades-old oil fields. This film, executive produced by Brad Pitt, provides an unprecedented inside look at the global deal making and dark underside of energy development -- a contest for money and power that is reshaping the world.
    Sunday, Jul 9 at 4:32am TPT LIFE
  • #2805 — Return to Homs
    Witness the transformation of 19-year-old Basset Saroot from star goalkeeper for the Syrian national soccer team to peaceful advocate for reforms to armed insurgent. Get an inside look at the brutal war Assad's regime has waged, a conflict that many accuse the world of overlooking.
    Saturday, Jul 22 at 10:30pm TPT LIFE
    Sunday, Jul 23 at 4:30am TPT LIFE
  • #3001 — Dalya's Other Country/4.1 Miles
    Follow the nuanced story of a family displaced by the Syrian conflict, walking the line between their Muslim values and the new world they inhabit, and a Greek Coast Guard captain caught in the middle of the biggest refugee crisis since WWII.
    Sunday, Jul 2 at 10:30pm TPT 2
    Saturday, Jul 8 at 10:32pm TPT LIFE
  • #3002 — The War Show
    Obaidah Zytoon captures the fate of Syria through the intimate lens of a circle of friends. Beginning with peaceful Arab Spring protests in 2011, take a four-year, ground-level look at how the country spiraled into bloody civil war.
    Sunday, Jul 9 at 10:30pm TPT 2
    Monday, Jul 10 at 4:30am TPT 2
    Saturday, Jul 15 at 10:33pm TPT LIFE
    Sunday, Jul 16 at 4:33am TPT LIFE
  • #3003 — Last Men In Aleppo
    After five years of war in Syria, the remaining citizens of Aleppo are readying themselves for a siege. Through the volunteers known as the White Helmets, experience firsthand the daily struggle for sanity in a country at war.
    Sunday, Jul 16 at 10:30pm TPT 2
    Monday, Jul 17 at 4:30am TPT 2
    Saturday, Jul 22 at 9pm TPT LIFE
    Sunday, Jul 23 at 3am TPT LIFE
  • #3004 — Presenting Princess Shaw
    View the extraordinary true story of Princess Shaw, an aspiring musician down on her luck, who inspired internationally famous YouTube artist Kutiman to create a magical collaboration that would bring her music to a whole new audience.
    Sunday, Jul 23 at 10:30pm TPT 2
    Monday, Jul 24 at 4:30am TPT 2
    Saturday, Jul 29 at 9pm TPT LIFE
    Sunday, Jul 30 at 3am TPT LIFE
  • #3005 — Joe's Violin/Shalom Italia
    A donated violin forges an unexpected friendship between Holocaust survivor Joseph Feingold and Bronx schoolgirl Brianna Perez. Three Italian Jewish brothers seek the cave where they hid as children to escape the Nazis.
    Sunday, Jul 30 at 10:30pm TPT 2
    Monday, Jul 31 at 4:30am TPT 2


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