Treasures of the Earth: Power

Drill underground to see the treasures that power our world—today and into the future.

Air Date 11/16/16

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PBS' premier science series helps viewers of all ages explore the science behind the headlines. Along the way, NOVA programs demystify science and technology and highlight the people involved in scientific pursuits.
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  • #4101 — Alien Planets Revealed |
    Monday, Dec 12 at 10:30pm TPT 2
  • #4101 — Alien Planets Revealed |
    Tuesday, Dec 13 at 4:30am TPT 2
  • #3904 — Mystery of a Masterpiece |
    Wednesday, Dec 14 at 8pm TPT 2
  • #3904 — Mystery of a Masterpiece |
    Thursday, Dec 15 at 2am TPT 2
  • #3904 — Mystery of a Masterpiece |
    Sunday, Dec 18 at 12pm TPT 2
  • #3904 — Mystery of a Masterpiece
    In October 2009, a striking portrait of a young woman in Renaissance dress made world news headlines. Originally sold two years before for around $20,000, the portrait is now thought to be an undiscovered masterwork by Leonardo da Vinci worth more than $100 million. How did cutting edge imaging analysis help tie the portrait to Leonardo? NOVA meets a new breed of experts who are approaching "cold case" art mysteries as if they were crime scenes, determined to discover "who committed the art," and follows art sleuths as they deploy new techniques to combat the multi-billion dollar criminal market in stolen and fraudulent art.
    Wednesday, Dec 14 at 8pm TPT 2
    Thursday, Dec 15 at 2am TPT 2
    Sunday, Dec 18 at 12pm TPT 2
    Sunday, Dec 18 at 8pm TPT LIFE
    Monday, Dec 19 at 2am TPT LIFE
    Monday, Dec 19 at 10:30pm TPT 2
    Tuesday, Dec 20 at 4:30am TPT 2
  • #4005 — Building Pharaoh's Chariot
    Investigate one of the secrets to ancient Egyptian military supremacy: astonishingly advanced war chariots. Join a team of experts as they decipher ancient clues and construct a modern replica in order to put it to the test it in simulated battle.
    Wednesday, Dec 28 at 8pm TPT 2
    Thursday, Dec 29 at 2am TPT 2
    Sunday, Jan 1 at 8pm TPT LIFE
    Monday, Jan 2 at 2am TPT LIFE
    Monday, Jan 2 at 11pm TPT 2
    Tuesday, Jan 3 at 5am TPT 2
  • #4101 — Alien Planets Revealed
    It's a golden age for planet hunters: NASA's Kepler mission has identified more than 3,500 potential planets orbiting stars beyond our sun. Some of them, like a planet called Kepler-22b, might even be able to harbor life. How did we come upon this distant planet? Combining animation with input from expert astrophysicists and astrobiologists, "Alien Planets Revealed" takes viewers on a journey along with the Kepler telescope. How does the telescope look for planets? How many of these planets are like our Earth? Will any of these planets be suitable for life as we know it? Bringing the creative power of veteran animators together with the latest discoveries in planet-hunting, this film shows the successes of the Kepler mission, taking us to planets beyond our solar system and providing a glimpse of creatures we might one day encounter.
    Monday, Dec 12 at 10:30pm TPT 2
    Tuesday, Dec 13 at 4:30am TPT 2
  • #4212 — Secrets of Noah's Ark
    A 3,700-year-old inscribed clay tablet reveals a surprising new version of the Biblical flood story, complete with how-to instructions for assembling an ark. Following the directions, expert boat builders assemble and launch a massive reed boat.
    Wednesday, Dec 21 at 8pm TPT 2
    Thursday, Dec 22 at 2am TPT 2
    Sunday, Dec 25 at 8pm TPT LIFE
    Monday, Dec 26 at 2am TPT LIFE
    Monday, Dec 26 at 10:30pm TPT 2
    Tuesday, Dec 27 at 4:30am TPT 2
  • #4401 — Vampire Sky Tombs
    A team of scientists and explorers probe high altitude caves in the Tibetan Himalayas looking for clues to how humans found their way into this forbidding landscape and adapted their bodies to survive. ? Along the way they discover evidence of ritual burials, thousands of years old: skeletons, mummies, and evidence of practices designed to ward off ancient vampires and even zombies.
    New Wednesday, Jan 4 at 8pm TPT 2
    Thursday, Jan 5 at 2am TPT 2
    Sunday, Jan 8 at 8pm TPT LIFE
    Monday, Jan 9 at 2am TPT LIFE
    Monday, Jan 9 at 10:30pm TPT 2
    Tuesday, Jan 10 at 4:30am TPT 2
  • #4402 — The Nuclear Option
    Five years after the earthquake and tsunami that triggered the unprecedented trio of meltdowns at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, scientists and engineers are struggling to control an ongoing crisis at the wrecked plant. What's next for Fukushima? What's next for Japan? And what's next for a world that seems determined to jettison one of our most important carbon-free sources of energy? Despite the catastrophe, a new generation of nuclear power seems poised to emerge phoenix-like from the ashes of Fukushima. NOVA investigates how the realities of climate change, the inherent limitations of renewable energy sources, and the optimism and enthusiasm of a new generation of nuclear engineers is seeding a renaissance in nuclear technology, all while the most recent disaster is still being managed. What are the lessons learned from Fukushima? And how might we be able to build a safe nuclear future?
    New Wednesday, Jan 11 at 8pm TPT 2
    Thursday, Jan 12 at 2am TPT 2
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