Bombing Hitler's Supergun

Episode: Discover how Allied forces conspired to destroy one of Hitler’s most diabolical weapons.

Air Date 5/11/16

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  • #4208 — Invisible Universe Revealed |
    Wednesday, Jun 1 at 7pm TPT 2
  • #4208 — Invisible Universe Revealed |
    Thursday, Jun 2 at 1am TPT 2
  • #4217 — Cyberwar Threat |
    Monday, Jun 13 at 11pm TPT 2
  • #4217 — Cyberwar Threat |
    Tuesday, Jun 14 at 5am TPT 2
  • #3801 — Deadliest Earthquakes |
    Monday, Jun 20 at 11pm TPT 2
  • #3801 — Deadliest Earthquakes
    In 2010, epic earthquakes all over the planet delivered one of the worst annual death tolls ever recorded. The deadliest strike was in Haiti, where a quake just southwest of the capital, Port-au-Prince, killed more than 200,000, reducing homes, hospitals, schools, and the presidential palace to rubble. In exclusive coverage, a NOVA camera crew follows a team of US geologists as they first enter Haiti in the immediate aftermath of the tragedy. It is a race against time as they hunt for crucial evidence that will help them determine exactly what happened deep underground and what the risks are of a new killer quake. Barely a month after the Haiti quake, Chile was struck by a quake 100 times more powerful, unleashing a tsunami that put the entire Pacific coast on high alert. In a coastal town devastated by the rushing wave, NOVA follows a team of geologists as they battle aftershocks to measure the displacement caused by the earthquake. Could their work, and the work of geologists at earthquake hot-spots around the U.S., one day lead to a breakthrough in predicting quakes before they happen? NOVA investigates new leads in its investigation of a deadly scientific conundrum.
    Monday, Jun 20 at 11pm TPT 2
    Tuesday, Jun 21 at 5am TPT 2
  • #4204 — Building Wonders: Hagia Sophia - Istanbul's Ancient Mystery
    Istanbul's magnificent Hagia Sophia has survived on one of the world's most active seismic faults, which has inflicted a dozen devastating earthquakes since Hagia Sophia was built in 537 AD. As Istanbul braces for the next big quake, a team of architects and engineers is investigating Hagia Sophia's seismic secrets. NOVA follows the team's discoveries as they examine the building's unique structure and other ingenious design strategies that have insured the dome's survival. The engineers build a massive eight-ton model of the building's core structure, place it on a motorized shake table and hit it with a series of simulated quakes.
    Monday, Jun 27 at 11pm TPT 2
    Tuesday, Jun 28 at 5am TPT 2
  • #4208 — Invisible Universe Revealed
    Twenty-five years ago, NASA launched one of the most ambitious experiments in the history of astronomy: the Hubble Space Telescope. In honor of Hubble's landmark anniversary, NOVA tells the remarkable story of the telescope that forever changed our understanding of the cosmos and our place in it. From its inception through its early days, when a one-millimeter engineering blunder turned the telescope into an object of ridicule, to the five heroic astronaut missions that returned Hubble to the cutting edge of science, NOVA hears from the scientists and engineers on the front line who tell the amazing Hubble story as never before. This single telescope has helped astronomers pinpoint the age of the universe, revealed the birthplace of stars and planets, advanced our understanding of dark energy and cosmic expansion, and uncovered black holes lurking at the heart of galaxies. For more than a generation, Hubble's stunning images have brought the beauty of the heavens to millions, revealing a cosmos richer and more wondrous than we ever imagined. Join NOVA for the story of this magnificent machine and its astonishing discoveries.
    Wednesday, Jun 1 at 7pm TPT 2
    Thursday, Jun 2 at 1am TPT 2
  • #4210 — Nazi Attack On America
    Long before 9/11, a far deadlier, little-known attack from the ocean depths struck our shores, lasting three-and-a-half years and claiming 5,000 lives. Now, famed undersea explorer Bob Ballard, discoverer of the Titanic, investigates the wreck of one of the attack craft, a German submarine that lies at the bottom of the gulf just a few miles off New Orleans. U-166 was part of Operation Drumbeat, a highly successful U-boat operation that caught East Coast cities and shipping almost completely unprepared. With state-of-the-art survey gear, Ballard probes the wreck and unravels a dramatic mystery in the official story of the sub's sinking.
    Wednesday, Jun 22 at 8pm TPT 2
    Thursday, Jun 23 at 2am TPT 2
    Monday, Jun 27 at 9pm TPT 2
    Tuesday, Jun 28 at 3am TPT 2
  • #4217 — Cyberwar Threat
    Through startling, previously unreported detail, delve into the chilling new reality of cyberwar, in which cyber weapons can inflict physical damage on our factories, power plants and pipelines ... leaving us vulnerable to crippling attacks.
    Monday, Jun 13 at 11pm TPT 2
    Tuesday, Jun 14 at 5am TPT 2
  • #4220 — Making North America: Origins
    See the epic 3-billion-year story of how our continent came to be. From palm trees that once flourished in Alaska to huge eruptions that nearly tore the Midwest in two, discover how forces of almost unimaginable power gave birth to North America.
    Wednesday, Jun 29 at 8pm TPT 2
    Thursday, Jun 30 at 2am TPT 2
    Monday, Jul 4 at 11:01pm TPT 2
    Tuesday, Jul 5 at 5:01am TPT 2
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