Nature's Great Race


A thousand elephants, from magnificent bulls to vulnerable orphans, come together in a crucial annual gathering in northern Kenya, whilst facing deadly threats from both predators and poachers.

Air Date 7/12/17

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Traverse the Arctic wilderness and African bush as scientific teams utilize new technology to track caribou, zebras and elephants as they overcome obstacles and face fearless predators on their epic journeys.
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    Join 100,000 caribou who face hungry bears and wolves, deadly frozen rivers and rugged mountains as they undertake the world's longest land migration: 3,000 miles through the frozen Arctic wilderness of Canada and Alaska.
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  • #103 — Zebra
    Witness the perilous journey of thousands zebra who face lions, hunting dogs, drought and starvation as they brave a brutal Botswana wilderness and undertake Africa's longest land migration to the rich grasslands of Nxai Pan National Park.
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