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Arctic Fox Dive Bombs Prey Hidden in the Snow

With acute senses the arctic fox can hear lemmings under the snow. To catch one he uses a special pouncing technique known as ‘moussing’. But moussing isn’t always easy-–especially for a beginner!

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  • #3109 — Touching The Wild
    Joe Hutto's idea of research is anything but normal, dedicating seven years of his life to becoming a wild mule deer. The herd would ordinarily run from any human but, incredibly, these keenly intelligent animals come to regard this stranger as one of their own. Accepted by the matriarch, he walks among them, is even groomed by them, and can lie with a pregnant doe talking to its unborn fawns. As he crosses the species divide, Joe is tapping into a new understanding about these elusive animals, literally entering a deer society. The captivating joy he feels for his new family is nothing short of infectious, but this human predator also learns to see the world from the point of view of prey -- and it's an experience that will ultimately rock him to his very core; sharing their world so personally finally takes a toll that sends him back to his own kind.
    Wednesday, May 31 at 7pm TPT 2
    Thursday, Jun 1 at 1am TPT 2
  • #3112 — The Gathering Swarms
    This program looks at some of the most extraordinary swarms on the planet, including a view from inside a locust swarm, mayflies along the Mississippi, 17-year cicadas, and brine fly hatches over Lake Victoria. Superswarms of finch-like quelea in Africa merit attempts at control through assaults on their roosts, while aggressive swarms of silver carp in North American seem able to overcome any kind of restraint. Dangerous swarms of killer bees, however, can be controlled to the point that they can be worn as a human bee suit. But beyond the power of sheer numbers, increasingly complex and organized swarms eventually give rise to swarm intelligence that allows complex decisions to be made.
    Wednesday, May 24 at 7pm TPT 2
    Thursday, May 25 at 1am TPT 2
    Sunday, May 28 at 7pm TPT LIFE
    Monday, May 29 at 1am TPT LIFE
  • #3201 — Animal Misfits
    Alongside the fastest, strongest, smartest animals are nature's misfits, odd, bizarre and unlikely creatures that at first glance seem ill-equipped for survival. Left at the starting line in the race for life, these are the apparent losers in the story of evolution, yet somehow they manage to cling to life and in some cases even thrive. "Animal Misfits" reveals some surprising details about how evolution really works, demonstrating that all animals are remarkably well-adapted to their chosen way of life.
    Wednesday, May 17 at 7pm TPT 2
    Thursday, May 18 at 1am TPT 2
    Sunday, May 21 at 7pm TPT LIFE
    Monday, May 22 at 1am TPT LIFE
  • #3410 — Forest of the Lynx
    Forests are far more complex than previously imagined. The documentary, filmed in 4K, travels deep into the remote forests of the Kalkalpen National Park in Austria - the largest area of wilderness in the Alps. Abandoned and unmanaged by man for close to a quarter of a century, the forest's dramatic cycle of growth and decay now rules the landscape. What appears at first to be devastation and destruction is in fact part of the fundamental process of the forest's regeneration and transformation back to its natural, primeval state.
    New Wednesday, Apr 26 at 7pm TPT 2
    Thursday, Apr 27 at 1am TPT 2
  • #3411 — Dolphins: Spy in the Pod, Part 1
    The camera eyes of 13 ingenious Spy Creatures, including Spy Dolphin, Spy Nautilus and Spy Turtle, capture the dolphins' "superpod" behavior never filmed before. Infiltrate the social world of dolphins from strange gatherings to gang rivalries.
    New Wednesday, May 3 at 7pm TPT 2
    Thursday, May 4 at 1am TPT 2
    Sunday, May 7 at 7pm TPT LIFE
    Monday, May 8 at 1am TPT LIFE
  • #3412 — Dolphins: Spy in the Pod, Part 2
    The Spy Creatures continue to reveal the world of dolphins as never before, their mysteries of communication and strategies. Go undercover to meet the Orca, the largest dolphins, and race the Dall's porpoises, the fastest dolphins in the world.
    New Wednesday, May 10 at 7pm TPT 2
    Thursday, May 11 at 1am TPT 2
    Sunday, May 14 at 7pm TPT LIFE
    Monday, May 15 at 1am TPT LIFE


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