Silvercocoon – Architecture, Furniture and Jewelry Design


Objectives: Artistic duo Silvercocoon focuses many of their designs not just on beauty, but also function. For example: the sidewalk benches that second as planters for mini gardens – not only does the bench offer something aesthetically pleasing (such as flowers), it is also useful as a sitting bench. In this activity, you (either alone, or with a partner) will design an everyday functional item found either at school, home, or somewhere in your community that has a special twist.

Tools/Resources: MN Original video clip, paper, pencil, rulers, erasers.


1)  Watch the segment and discuss:

a. What was special about the paper clip?

b. Why would functionality and design be important to someone building a house or furniture?

2) Design an everyday functional item (chair, bed, spoon, etc.) found either at school, your home, or in your community with a special twist.

a. Draw a prototype:

i. Think to yourself – how can this be used? Is it still practical? What is interesting about this design?

b. Pretend you are meeting with a manufacturing company that is interested in your design. Write up a sales pitch for your item. Be sure to answer:

i. What is it?

ii. Where can it be used?

iii. Who is it for/who would want to buy/own it?

iv. When would it be used?

v. Why would people want to buy/use it?

vi. How can it be used?

For information on the academic standards fulfilled by this activity download the full guide.

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