Lynn Maderich and Nooky Jones

Trained at the Atelier Studio Program of Fine Art, Lynn Maderich examines light and form in her equine paintings. Vietnam veteran and assemblage artist Paul J. Flick collects and displays disparate objects. Gabriel Douglas sings Oathbreaker. Indigo and Snow’s Annabella Sardelis demonstrates a snow-dying technique. Neo-soul band Nooky Jones performs at the Palace Theatre in Saint Paul.

Air Date 6/18/17

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MN Original is TPT's award-winning arts series starring Minnesota artists from diverse cultural backgrounds, working in all arts disciplines.
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  • #316 — Hoffman Guitars + The Cactus Blossoms |
    Tuesday, Sep 19 at 1pm TPT MN
  • #316 — Hoffman Guitars + The Cactus Blossoms |
    Tuesday, Sep 19 at 7pm TPT MN
  • #317 — Tu Dance Center + Joey Ryan and the Inks |
    Wednesday, Sep 20 at 1am TPT MN
  • #317 — Tu Dance Center + Joey Ryan and the Inks |
    Wednesday, Sep 20 at 7am TPT MN
  • #317 — Tu Dance Center + Joey Ryan and the Inks |
    Wednesday, Sep 20 at 1pm TPT MN
  • #316 — Hoffman Guitars + The Cactus Blossoms
    Since 1971, Charlie Hoffman has handcrafted more than 600 guitars. Abstract artist Christina Habibi uses house paint to create her swirling, colorful works. Spoken word artist Kyle "Guante" Myhre performs Cartpusher. Sculptor Asia Ward welds and rivets sheets of metal into her "aluminum dreamscapes." And The Cactus Blossoms, winners of City Pages' Best Album of 2012, perform in tpt Studio A.
    Tuesday, Sep 19 at 1pm TPT MN
    Tuesday, Sep 19 at 7pm TPT MN
  • #317 — Tu Dance Center + Joey Ryan and the Inks
    Founders of TU Dance Center, Toni Pierce-Sands and Uri Sands embrace the connective power of dance. Inspired by antique toys, mixed media sculptor Kyle Fokken combines dogs with airplanes and churches with tanks. Native American tradition and innovation are celebrated in the exhibit Mni Sota: Reflections of Time and Place. And Joey Ryan and the Inks perform at the Varsity Theater.
    Wednesday, Sep 20 at 1am TPT MN
    Wednesday, Sep 20 at 7am TPT MN
    Wednesday, Sep 20 at 1pm TPT MN
    Wednesday, Sep 20 at 7pm TPT MN
  • #318 — Michal Daniel + Nicolas Carter
    Theater photographer Michal Daniel captures the wondrous world of the stage on film. Recipient of the 2009 Minnesota Book Award, Kao Kalia Yang reads from her memoir "The Latehomecomer". We glimpse the process of bookplate artist Serik Kulmeshkenov. And Paraguayan harpist Nicolas Carter performs "Crossing the Isthmus," inspired by his bicycle trip through Central America.
    Thursday, Sep 21 at 1am TPT MN
    Thursday, Sep 21 at 7am TPT MN
    Thursday, Sep 21 at 1pm TPT MN
    Thursday, Sep 21 at 7pm TPT MN
  • #319 — Caitlin Karolczak + Heiruspecs
    Painter Caitlin Karolczak finds inspiration in vintage medical photos and deathbed portraits. Renowned choral ensemble VocalEssence performs at Ted Mann Concert Hall. Landscape photographer Chris Faust processes his night scenes using traditional techniques in a wet darkroom. Twin Cities hip hop artists Heiruspecs perform on board the Jonathan Padelford Riverboat. And Carl Flink and Emilie Plauche Flink explore the bittersweet reunion of a long-separated husband and wife in "A Duet for Wreck."
    Friday, Sep 22 at 1am TPT MN
    Friday, Sep 22 at 7am TPT MN
    Friday, Sep 22 at 1pm TPT MN
    Friday, Sep 22 at 7pm TPT MN
  • #320 — Brady Kiernan + Bobby Vee
    Brady Kiernan makes his feature film directorial debut with "Stuck Between Stations," a love story set in Minneapolis. Students from the Perpich Center Arts High School create a performance inspired by a Minnesota short story. Plus pop legend Bobby Vee talks about his storied career.
    Tuesday, Sep 26 at 1am TPT MN
    Tuesday, Sep 26 at 7am TPT MN
    Tuesday, Sep 26 at 1pm TPT MN
    Tuesday, Sep 26 at 7pm TPT MN
  • #321 — Julie L'enfant + Communist Daughter
    Art Historian Julie L'Enfant shares stories of Minnesota's pioneering women artists at the beginning of the 20th Century. Kent Aldrich brings old-world style to his contemporary print shop, the Nomadic Press. Inspired by science and nature, Karen Gustafson uses tiny hatch marks as the foundation for her intricate drawings. And Communist Daughter performs at the Varsity Theater in Minneapolis.
    Wednesday, Sep 27 at 1am TPT MN
    Wednesday, Sep 27 at 7am TPT MN
    Wednesday, Sep 27 at 1pm TPT MN
    Wednesday, Sep 27 at 7pm TPT MN
  • #322 — MN Original Music Compilation
    MN Original Music Compilation features some of our favorite musicians performing around town and in our tpt studio: bluegrass band Monroe Crossing performs at the Bruentrup Heritage Farm in Maplewood; salsa ensemble Charanga Tropical plays tpt's Studio A; hip hop royalty Heiruspecs groove atop the Jonathan Padelford riverboat in Saint Paul; season 10 American Idol competitor Sophia Shorai stops by tpt's Studio A; gospel vocalist Robert Robinson sings at First Covenant Church in Minneapolis; folk duo Storyhill performs in the Wabasha Street Caves in Saint Paul; and alternative punk rockers The Suburbs play a tribute concert for the late Bruce Allen at First Avenue.
    Thursday, Sep 28 at 1am TPT MN
    Thursday, Sep 28 at 7am TPT MN
    Thursday, Sep 28 at 1pm TPT MN
    Thursday, Sep 28 at 7pm TPT MN
  • #323 — Kristen Lowe + Mason Jennings
    Kristen Lowe, an Assistant Professor in Art and Art History at Gustavus, tells stories with shared pictorials in charcoal and film. Painter Michael Birawer captures iconic landmarks in his 3-dimensional artwork. Michael Thomsen creates intricate sculptures out of found objects, his own paintings and discarded antiques. Singer/songwriter Mason Jennings performs at the Hollywood Theater in Northeast Minneapolis.
    Friday, Sep 29 at 1am TPT MN
    Friday, Sep 29 at 7am TPT MN
    Friday, Sep 29 at 1pm TPT MN
    Friday, Sep 29 at 7pm TPT MN
  • #324 — Wang Ping + Socaholix
    Author Wang Ping's Kinship of Rivers project celebrates the universal experience of lives lived along the Mississippi and Yangtze rivers. Renowned male vocal ensemble Cantus combines both classical and contemporary chamber music in their performance of Simple Gifts. Emily Gray Koehler uses collographs to add dimension to her reduction woodblock prints. Award-winning animator Tom Schroeder has been creating and directing films since 1990. Plus soul calypso band Socaholix performs in Studio A.
    Tuesday, Oct 3 at 1am TPT MN
    Tuesday, Oct 3 at 7am TPT MN
    Tuesday, Oct 3 at 1pm TPT MN
    Tuesday, Oct 3 at 7pm TPT MN
  • #325 — Andre Salvadore + Astronautalis
    Black Label Movement's Artistic Director Carl Flink collaborates with biomedical engineer David Odde in The Moving Cell Project. Painter Andr? Salvadore finds inspiration for his work in childhood memories of coming to America as an Italian immigrant. Laura Hallen arranges unusual materials like tutus and painted marshmallows into plexiglas box casings to create her mixed-media sculptures. Plus, indie rapper Astronautalis performs The River, The Woods.
    Wednesday, Oct 4 at 1am TPT MN
    Wednesday, Oct 4 at 7am TPT MN
    Wednesday, Oct 4 at 1pm TPT MN
    Wednesday, Oct 4 at 7pm TPT MN
  • #326 — VocalEssence + fDeluxe
    Artistic Director Philip Brunelle founded the internationally acclaimed choral music ensemble VocalEssence in 1969. Figurative Painter Luke Hillestad, whose work is reminiscent of Italian masters, uses live models for his subjects. Composer Mary Ellen Childs incorporated clapping games and baseball coaching signals in the body percussion piece, Sight of Hand. And fDELUXE performs their funky single Gaslight at the Loring Theater.
    Thursday, Oct 5 at 1am TPT MN
    Thursday, Oct 5 at 7am TPT MN
    Thursday, Oct 5 at 1pm TPT MN
    Thursday, Oct 5 at 7pm TPT MN
  • #327 — Theatre in the Round + Alpha Consumer
    Theatre in the Round Players, with its community of volunteers, has been presenting work on an arena stage since 1952. More than one hundred pieces of correspondence from many of history's most notable composers make up The Gilman Ordway Manuscript Collection at The Schubert Club. Installation artist Harriet Bart transforms words and everyday objects into sculptural expressions of memory. And Jeremy Ylvisaker, Michael Lewis and J.T. Bates of Alpha Consumer perform.
    Friday, Oct 6 at 1am TPT MN
    Friday, Oct 6 at 7am TPT MN
    Friday, Oct 6 at 1pm TPT MN
    Friday, Oct 6 at 7pm TPT MN
  • #328 — Frank Gaard + Orkestar Bez Ime
    Frank Gaard has painted provocative and political themes since the 1960s. Creative nonfiction writer Barry Borich reads an excerpt from her book Apocalypse Darling. Amy Toscani's fanciful sculptures are reminiscent of arts and craft projects of childhood. Bulgarian for "orchestra without a name," Orkestar Bez Ime performs in the southeastern European tradition.
    Tuesday, Oct 10 at 1am TPT MN
    Tuesday, Oct 10 at 7am TPT MN
    Tuesday, Oct 10 at 1pm TPT MN
    Tuesday, Oct 10 at 7pm TPT MN
  • #329 — The MovingCompany + Rhythmic Circus
    Dominique Serrand and Steven Epp from the Tony award-winning Theatre de la Jeune Lune present The MovingCompany's first show. Twins Janani and Jeyani Narayan play Carnatic violin, a form of classical south Indian music. Fine art photographer Michael Crouser's work includes an ongoing series of timeless black and white images. And the high-energy percussive dance and musical ensemble Rhythmic Circus performs their song Circus.
    Wednesday, Oct 11 at 1am TPT MN
    Wednesday, Oct 11 at 7am TPT MN
    Wednesday, Oct 11 at 1pm TPT MN
    Wednesday, Oct 11 at 7pm TPT MN
  • #401 — Jack Reuler + The Shiny Lights
    Mixed Blood Theatre's artistic director, Jack Reuler, is revolutionizing theater in the Twin Cities with his radical hospitality initiative. Visual artist and amateur ecologist Kate Casanova unearths unique intersections between art and the natural world. Russian contemporary artist Oleg Vassiliev explores memory and light in his paintings. Infusing modern pop with a retro 70's rock vibe, The Shiny Lights perform "Heartbeat."
    Thursday, Oct 12 at 1am TPT MN
    Thursday, Oct 12 at 7am TPT MN
    Thursday, Oct 12 at 1pm TPT MN
    Thursday, Oct 12 at 7pm TPT MN
  • #402 — Mill City Opera + Chastity Brown
    The Mill City Summer Opera stages its inaugural production of Leoncavallo's Pagliacci, amid the Mill City Ruins in Minneapolis. Nicholas Harper's portraits, many with exaggerated features, are inspired by Byzantine and Russian iconography. Originally from Tennessee, the soulful Chastity Brown performs "Plans of Buildin'".
    Friday, Oct 13 at 1am TPT MN
    Friday, Oct 13 at 7am TPT MN
    Friday, Oct 13 at 1pm TPT MN
    Friday, Oct 13 at 7pm TPT MN
  • #403 — Mark Balma + Soul Asylum
    Italian-trained and world-renowned painter Mark Balma works with youth to create a fresco for the Minnetonka Center for the Arts. Toni Pierce-Sands and Uri Sands, founders of TU Dance Center in Saint Paul, embrace the connective power of dance. Sculptor Liz Miller's colorful and repetitious installations demand closer inspection. Making Minnesota music history since the early 1980s, Soul Asylum, with front man Dave Pirner, performs at First Avenue.
    Tuesday, Oct 17 at 1am TPT MN
    Tuesday, Oct 17 at 7am TPT MN
    Tuesday, Oct 17 at 1pm TPT MN
    Tuesday, Oct 17 at 7pm TPT MN
  • #404 — All Is Calm + Doomtree
    Artistic Director Peter Rothstein created the musical theater production "All is Calm," the story of the 1914 Christmas truce during World War I. Indie rock band Communist Daughter performs "Northern Lights" at the Varsity Theater in Minneapolis. Franconia Sculpture Park's 2012 Artist in Residence, Bridget Beck, constructs interactive sculptures inspiring playfulness and nostalgia. And the hip hop collective Doomtree lights up the crowd with their song "Beacon" at Rock The Garden.
    Wednesday, Oct 18 at 1am TPT MN
    Wednesday, Oct 18 at 7am TPT MN
    Wednesday, Oct 18 at 1pm TPT MN
    Wednesday, Oct 18 at 7pm TPT MN
  • #405 — Mathew Lefebvre + All Eyes
    Costume and set designer Mathew LeFebvre creates nearly 200 new wardrobe changes for The Guthrie Theater's classic "A Christmas Carol. " Petronella Ytsma's photography illuminates the multi-generational effects of Agent Orange and Dioxin used during the Vietnam War. Chholing Taha's paintings and shawls use Native American imagery to tell a universal story about humanity. And Alicia Wiley and her indie electronic band, All Eyes, perform.
    Thursday, Oct 19 at 1am TPT MN
    Thursday, Oct 19 at 7am TPT MN
    Thursday, Oct 19 at 1pm TPT MN
    Thursday, Oct 19 at 7pm TPT MN
  • #406 — Anthony Caponi + Storyhill
    Anthony Caponi, stone sculptor and retired chair of the Macalester College Art Department, developed the 60-acre Caponi Art Park and Learning Center in Eagan. Soprano Maria Jette performs "In Our Little Paradise" at The Lexington in Saint Paul. The digital work of internationally known graphic designer and typographer Michael Cina is often inspired by his paintings. Plus John Hermanson and Chris Cunningham of Storyhill perform in Saint Paul's Wabasha Street Caves.
    Friday, Oct 20 at 1am TPT MN
    Friday, Oct 20 at 7am TPT MN
    Friday, Oct 20 at 1pm TPT MN
    Friday, Oct 20 at 7pm TPT MN
  • #407 — Dougie Padilla + I Like You
    Visual artist Dougie Padilla's work reflects his Norwegian-Mexican heritage and the ideals of the 1960s. Hand-carved wooden sculptures and moving parts come together in Cecilia Schiller's interactive automata. Native American bead artist Greg Bellanger is dedicated to keeping Native American craft alive, whether he's making art himself, or providing others with supplies through his Minneapolis store Northland Visions. And ukelele player Wendy O'Sunshyne leads the gypsy jazz-folk band i like you.
    Tuesday, Oct 24 at 1am TPT MN
    Tuesday, Oct 24 at 7am TPT MN
    Tuesday, Oct 24 at 1pm TPT MN
    Tuesday, Oct 24 at 7pm TPT MN
  • #408 — Stuart Pimsler + Malamanya
    Stuart Pimsler Dance and Theater is known for integrating vocals with modern dance and for its commitment to community outreach. Environmental encroachment and global warming are themes in Andrea Martin's hand cut paper art. Michael Berglund turned a childhood love of dinosaurs into a career creating lifelike, to-scale dinosaur models for museums and collectors. Combining the traditional rhythms and melodies of salsa, samba and Afro-Cuban son, Malamanya performs "Fijate Bien" in Studio A.
    Wednesday, Oct 25 at 1am TPT MN
    Wednesday, Oct 25 at 7am TPT MN
    Wednesday, Oct 25 at 1pm TPT MN
    Wednesday, Oct 25 at 7pm TPT MN
  • #409 — Joann Verburg + Rhythmic Circus
    JoAnn Verburg is an internationally known photographer whose large-scale work deals with concepts of time and perspective. Inspired by his experience as an immigrant, Chilean-born Alonso Sierralta combines natural and man-made materials in his sculptures. Four percussive dancers backed by a seven-piece band, Rhythmic Circus explores musical genres like Minneapolis funk, beat box and salsa.
    Thursday, Oct 26 at 1am TPT MN
    Thursday, Oct 26 at 7am TPT MN
    Thursday, Oct 26 at 1pm TPT MN
    Thursday, Oct 26 at 7pm TPT MN
  • #410 — Marion McClinton + Solid Gold
    Actor, playwright and Tony-nominated director Marion McClinton was protege to Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright August Wilson and helped to define African American theater in the United States. Folk musicians Brian Miller and Randy Gosa collaborate to bring us Minnesota Lumberjack Songs: Irish Music from the Lumber Camps. Complicated, repetitive patterns inspire Elizabeth Simonson's scientific sculptural installations. And electro glam rock band Solid Gold performs in tpt's Studio A.
    Friday, Oct 27 at 1am TPT MN
    Friday, Oct 27 at 7am TPT MN
    Friday, Oct 27 at 1pm TPT MN
    Friday, Oct 27 at 7pm TPT MN
  • #419 — Xavier Tavera + Jack Klatt and the Cat Swingers
    Xavier Tavera photographs Minnesota's Latino and other minority communities. Fiber artist Erica Spitzer Rasmussen creates wearable art that speaks to the anxieties one might feel about their body. Greek immigrant Konstantinos Papadakis has been carving wood in the Byzantine style for fifty years. And Jack Klatt and the Cat Swingers perform "Life's a Drag (But Not Mine)" in tpt's studio A.
    Monday, Oct 2 at 9:30pm TPT LIFE
    Tuesday, Oct 3 at 3:30am TPT LIFE
  • #609 — Michael Sweere and GTCYS
    Mosaic artist Michael Sweere transforms discarded tins, tiles and plates into colorful works of art. Singer/songwriter Jayanthi Kyle performs "That's How the River Flows" on the sunny banks of the Mississippi River with guitarist Wes Burdine. A debut show at a local coffee shop first led Angel Sarkela-Suar and Andrew Saur to experiment with their unique medium of choice. And Greater Twin Cities Youth Symphonies provide rigorous orchestra experiences for young musicians.
    Monday, Sep 25 at 1am TPT MN
    Monday, Sep 25 at 7am TPT MN
    Monday, Sep 25 at 1pm TPT MN
    Monday, Sep 25 at 7pm TPT MN
  • #610 — The Jerome Foundation and Val Jenkins
    The Jerome Foundation supports the creation, development and production of new works by emerging and established artists in Minnesota and NYC. In her abstract paintings, Valerie Jenkins uses color and shape to challenge what is real and what is an illusion. And the SpotLight Musical Theatre Program serves more than 60 Minnesota high schools through workshops and an annual award program.
    Monday, Oct 23 at 1am TPT MN
    Monday, Oct 23 at 7am TPT MN
    Monday, Oct 23 at 1pm TPT MN
    Monday, Oct 23 at 7pm TPT MN
  • #611 — Jan Elftmann and Tall Paul
    Jan Elftmann's penchant for collecting objects shines through in her playful, sculptural work and eye-catching art cars. Up-and-coming musicians perform at 318 Cafe's Open Mic in Excelsior. Chuck U's childhood dream of illustrating comic books morphed into a successful career as a painter and drawer. Born and raised in inner-city Minneapolis, Tall Paul connects to his Ojibwe heritage in his clever and poignant rap music.
    Monday, Oct 30 at 1am TPT MN
    Monday, Oct 30 at 7am TPT MN
  • #612 — Jeffrey Hatcher and David Bowman
    Playwright and screenwriter Jeffrey Hatcher discusses the art and craft of writing for the stage and screen. Adam Levy's orchestral pop band, And The Professors, performs "Turn of the Century Recycling Blues." Multidisciplinary artist Alexa Horochowski creates work that speaks to globalization and environmental decline. In a search for the headwaters of Lake Superior, award-winning photographer David Bowman further connects with his family roots.
    Sunday, Oct 29 at 12pm TPT LIFE
  • #701 — Marlon James and the Ericksons
    Marlon James earned one of the world's most respected literary prizes for his 2014 crime novel set in his native Jamaica. James Brenner engages the community when creating large-scale public art pieces. Sisters Bethany Valentini and Jenny Kapernick of the acoustic folk-duo The Ericksons started their musical careers as a way to cope with loss and personal tragedy.
    Wednesday, Sep 27 at 9:33pm TPT LIFE
    Thursday, Sep 28 at 3:33am TPT LIFE
  • #703 — Phil Vandervaart and Kristi Abbott
    From The Hard Times Cafe to The Fitzgerald Theater, places throughout the Twin Cities are marked by sign painter Phil Vandervaart. Kristi Abbott depicts beloved icons and landscapes with materials from around the globe in her vivid collages. Multimedia artist Philip Noyed's abstract paintings have evolved into eye-catching illuminated sculptures. Performers from the Twin Cities theater scene sing at Mucial Mondays, the monthly cabaret series at Hell's Kitchen.
    Sunday, Sep 24 at 3:30pm TPT LIFE
  • #708 — Kelly Connole and Giving Voice Chorus
    Ceramic Artist and Carleton College Professor, Kelly Connole uses clay as her language of storytelling and to express beauty. Actor Pearce Bunting portrays the acclaimed host in Garrison Keillor's play Radio Man. Giving Voice Chorus is the unique chorale ensemble for people living with Alzheimer's disease and their care partners.
    Monday, Oct 2 at 1am TPT MN
    Monday, Oct 2 at 7am TPT MN
    Monday, Oct 2 at 1pm TPT MN
    Monday, Oct 2 at 7pm TPT MN
  • #709 — Leslie Barlow and Eric Mayson
    Oil painter Leslie Barlow explores multiculturalism and identity through portraiture. Chai Lee performs and teaches the significance of the Qeej, an instrument widely known as a cultural symbol of Hmong identity. Amara Hark-Weber creates handmade custom shoes in traditional and conceptual designs. Multifaceted musician Eric Mayson accompanies a modern dance class at Zenon Dance and performs "Skyline" from his debut solo album Detail.
    Monday, Oct 9 at 1am TPT MN
    Monday, Oct 9 at 7am TPT MN
    Monday, Oct 9 at 1pm TPT MN
    Monday, Oct 9 at 7pm TPT MN
  • #710 — Alyssa Baguss and MN Center for Book Arts
    Fascinated by the ability to travel the world via computer, Alyssa Baguss creates her own intricate landscapes, both real and imagined. Depicting unique genres and styles, Aziz Osman paints his prewar memories of Somalia and remembrances of his decades living in Italy. Minnesota Center for Book Arts celebrates paper, printing, bings and broadsides with their annual Winter Book. Rooted in tradition and ceremony, tribal regalia and dance are important to Native American culture.
    Wednesday, Sep 20 at 9:32pm TPT LIFE
    Thursday, Sep 21 at 3:32am TPT LIFE
    Monday, Oct 16 at 1am TPT MN
    Monday, Oct 16 at 7am TPT MN
    Monday, Oct 16 at 1pm TPT MN
    Monday, Oct 16 at 7pm TPT MN
  • #711 — Maggie Thompson and the Minnesota Fringe Festival
    Artist and designer Maggie Thompson uses textiles to create cozy knitwear and fine art projects exploring themes of identity and grief. Eric Pollard of Actual Wolf and Haley Bonar sing "Oh Baby You Can't Leave Me" at the Ordway's Concert Hall. As a founding member of the Rouge Taxidermy movement Sarina Brewer's animal sculptures come from ethically sourced materials. The Minnesota Fringe Festival gives performers of all abilities and experience levels the chance to produce and stage their own work.
    Sunday, Oct 15 at 6pm TPT 2
    Monday, Oct 16 at 9:30pm TPT LIFE
    Tuesday, Oct 17 at 3:30am TPT LIFE
  • #712 — Osama Esid and Paul Peterson
    Syrian photographer Osama Esid's mission is to document and further understand his varied communities. Made Here, led by Joan Vorderbruggen of Hennepin Theatre Trust, fills empty windows with local art in downtown Minneapolis. Born in Columbia and adopted by a Minnesota family, painter Paul Peterson is creating a Columbian themed series to help his recently found biological family. Led by teacher Crystal Spring, the acting program at Washburn High School empowers students to give voice to issues that impact them.
    Sunday, Oct 22 at 6pm TPT 2
    Monday, Oct 23 at 9:30pm TPT LIFE
    Tuesday, Oct 24 at 3:30am TPT LIFE
  • #713 — Michael Robins, Bonnie Morris of Illusion Theater
    Since 1974 Michael Robins and Bonnie Morris have developed new work at Illusion Theater to catalyze personal and social change. Heid Erdrich's impactful work in poetry and film is often inspired by her Native American ancestry. Surrounded by legendary musicians from his childhood, Solomon Parham is now making a name for himself in the Twin Cities jazz community.
    Sunday, Oct 29 at 6pm TPT 2
  • #806 — Libby Larsen and Hippo Campus
    American Composer and advocate for contemporary composers and musicians, Libby Larsen began writing music in first grade. David Coggins preserves memories of his travels in his writing, photographs and other works of art. Get an inside look at the recording and performing process of Hippo Campus as they complete their first full length album, "landmark".
    Friday, Oct 13 at 9:30pm TPT 2
    Saturday, Oct 14 at 3:30am TPT 2


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