MN Original
Sundays at 10 p.m.

Michael Robins & Bonnie Morris, Heid Erdrich, Solomon Parham

Since 1974 Michael Robins and Bonnie Morris have developed new work at Illusion Theater to catalyze personal and social change. Heid E. Erdrich’s impactful work in poetry and film is often inspired by her Native American ancestry. Surrounded by legendary musicians from his childhood, Solomon Parham is now making a name for himself in the Twin Cities jazz community.

Air Date 5/7/16

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MN Original is TPT's award winning weekly arts series celebrating Minnesota’s creative community, across all disciplines and cultures.
Upcoming Air Dates
  • #705 — Glensheen at History Theatre and Tom Richmond |
    Monday, Dec 5 at 1am TPT MN
  • #705 — Glensheen at History Theatre and Tom Richmond |
    Monday, Dec 5 at 7am TPT MN
  • #705 — Glensheen at History Theatre and Tom Richmond |
    Monday, Dec 5 at 1pm TPT MN
  • #705 — Glensheen at History Theatre and Tom Richmond |
    Monday, Dec 5 at 7pm TPT MN
  • #406 — Anthony Caponi + Storyhill |
    Tuesday, Dec 6 at 1am TPT MN
  • #210 — Calpurnia Peach + Debbie Duncan
    Calpurnia Peach is the fashion label run by local textile designers Ashley Wokasch and Luci Kandler, known for its colorful, original screen-prints. Jason Gerling plays the drums on a specialized kit he invented. She's often called the Twin Cities' First Lady of Song. Jazz singer Debbie Duncan performs.
    Thursday, Dec 8 at 1am TPT MN
    Thursday, Dec 8 at 7am TPT MN
    Thursday, Dec 8 at 1pm TPT MN
    Thursday, Dec 8 at 7pm TPT MN
  • #211 — Michael Sommers + The Minneapolis Guitar Quartet
    We explore Michael Sommers' work as Artistic Director of Open Eye Theatre. Kinetic sculptor and jewelry maker Danny Saathoff deliberately chooses each component for its function in his finished pieces and The Minneapolis Guitar Quartet performs. These artists and more.
    Thursday, Dec 15 at 1am TPT MN
    Thursday, Dec 15 at 7am TPT MN
    Thursday, Dec 15 at 1pm TPT MN
    Thursday, Dec 15 at 7pm TPT MN
  • #212 — Wing Young Huie + Tom Nechville's Banjos
    Photographer Wing Young Huie celebrates a University Avenue neighborhood with hundreds of images in his public art installation. Tom Nechville's custom banjos are designed to improve tone and projection using fewer parts than traditional models and jazz singer Christine Rosholt performs.
    Thursday, Dec 22 at 1am TPT MN
    Thursday, Dec 22 at 7am TPT MN
    Thursday, Dec 22 at 1pm TPT MN
    Thursday, Dec 22 at 7pm TPT MN
  • #213 — Celebrate the Art of Craft
    We celebrate the art of craft with encore presentations of some of Minnesota's favorite artists. Warren Mackenzie shapes clay into simple, functional pieces in his Stillwater studio. Metal Sculptor Heather Doyle finds inspiration in this machinery shop. Virgil Leih turns 2 thousand pound tree trunks into works of art.
    Thursday, Dec 29 at 1am TPT MN
    Thursday, Dec 29 at 7am TPT MN
    Thursday, Dec 29 at 1pm TPT MN
    Thursday, Dec 29 at 7pm TPT MN
  • #214 — Alec Soth + The Suicide Commandos
    Photographer Alec Soth's first US survey of his compelling images premieres at Walker Art Center. Bounxou Duoheuang, originally from Laos, preserves her culture's traditional art of weaving. In the late nineteen seventies, the Twin Cities' first Punk Rockers were also among the first on the on the national scene. The Suicide Commandos perform.
    Thursday, Jan 5 at 1am TPT MN
    Thursday, Jan 5 at 7am TPT MN
    Thursday, Jan 5 at 7pm TPT MN
  • #215 — Ali Selim, Wendy Knox + Charles Lazarus
    Director Ali Selim talks about his award-winning debut feature film, Sweet Land, set in Minnesota. Everyday Poems for City Sidewalk is a project created by one of Saint Paul's Public Artists in Residence Marcus Young and friends. A longtime member of the Minnesota Orchestra, Trumpeter/Composer Charles Lazarus performs with his ensemble.
    Thursday, Jan 12 at 1am TPT MN
    Thursday, Jan 12 at 7am TPT MN
    Thursday, Jan 12 at 7pm TPT MN
  • #306 — Terry Gydesen + Mason Jennings
    Terry Gydesen's images tell personal stories of some of Minnesota's most prominent political figures and celebrities. Accordionista, chanteuse, and theater artist Simone Perrin performs aboard a gondola on the St. Croix River. Christopher Poor and his craftsmen at Arms and Armor handcraft historic replicas for museum, theater and private collections around the world. And folk singer-songwriter Mason Jennings performs in the Hollywood Theater in Northeast Minneapolis.
    Wednesday, Dec 7 at 1am TPT MN
    Wednesday, Dec 7 at 7am TPT MN
    Wednesday, Dec 7 at 1pm TPT MN
    Wednesday, Dec 7 at 7pm TPT MN
  • #307 — Mathew LeFebvre + Charanga Tropical
    Costume and set designer Mathew LeFebvre creates nearly 200 new wardrobe changes refreshing Guthrie Theater's classic, A Christmas Carol. Gwen Hauser reveals stories within layers of paint, plaster, glaze and gold leaf. Writer Said Sallah Ahmed reads from his Somali-English bilingual children's picture book "The Lion's Share". Janet Lofquist discusses her public art installations. And salsa ensemble Charanga Tropical performs in tpt's Studio A.
    Wednesday, Dec 14 at 1am TPT MN
    Wednesday, Dec 14 at 7am TPT MN
    Wednesday, Dec 14 at 1pm TPT MN
    Wednesday, Dec 14 at 7pm TPT MN
  • #308 — Peter Rothstein + Harriet Bart
    Peter Rothstein is an acclaimed director of theater, musical theater and opera who evolves with each collaboration. Co-founders of the Minnesota Spoken Word Association, husband and wife duo E.G. Bailey and Sh? Cage, work together as performers and teachers of spoken word poetry. Installation artist Harriet Bart transforms words and everyday objects into sculptural expressions of memory. The eclectic folk group Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapelles perform.
    Wednesday, Dec 21 at 1am TPT MN
    Wednesday, Dec 21 at 7am TPT MN
    Wednesday, Dec 21 at 1pm TPT MN
    Wednesday, Dec 21 at 7pm TPT MN
  • #309 — Funk Band fDELUXE Performs
    Funk is redefined as fDELUXE. In 1984, Prince formed The Family. Now, four of its original members are together again writing, recording and touring as fDELUXE. St. Paul Peterson, Susannah Melvoin, Eric Leeds and Jellybean Johnson perform on this special edition of Minnesota Original.
    Wednesday, Dec 28 at 1am TPT MN
    Wednesday, Dec 28 at 7am TPT MN
    Wednesday, Dec 28 at 1pm TPT MN
    Wednesday, Dec 28 at 7pm TPT MN
  • #310 — Pamela Sukhum + Malamanya
    Pamela Sukhum's series of natural and mystical paintings is influenced by her travels around the world. Alt-country rockers The Jayhawks perform at First Avenue in honor of the re-issue of their debut album. Choreographer Amy Sackett explores the role of Muslim women in hip hop culture with her piece "I'm Muslim, Don't Panic". Visual artist Terrance Payne uses colored pencils and oil pastels to create vibrant portraits and wallpaper designs. Cuban Son ensemble Malamanya performs in tpt Studio A.
    Wednesday, Jan 4 at 1am TPT MN
    Wednesday, Jan 4 at 7am TPT MN
  • #311 — Iris Shiraishi + Nicolas Carter
    Iris Shiraishi combines traditional Japanese rhythms with western influences in her taiko drum compositions for the Mu Daiko drum ensemble. Thomas Schrunk creates unexpected visual effects with lustrous materials like wood veneer, brushed aluminum and concrete. Barbara Kreft's intricate, mosaic-like paintings offer a meditative respite. Paraguayan harpist Nicolas Carter performs "Crossing the Isthmus".
    Wednesday, Jan 11 at 1am TPT MN
    Wednesday, Jan 11 at 7am TPT MN
  • #406 — Anthony Caponi + Storyhill
    Anthony Caponi, stone sculptor and retired chair of the Macalester College Art Department, developed the 60-acre Caponi Art Park and Learning Center in Eagan. Soprano Maria Jette performs "In Our Little Paradise" at The Lexington in Saint Paul. The digital work of internationally known graphic designer and typographer Michael Cina is often inspired by his paintings. Plus John Hermanson and Chris Cunningham of Storyhill perform in Saint Paul's Wabasha Street Caves.
    Tuesday, Dec 6 at 1am TPT MN
    Tuesday, Dec 6 at 7am TPT MN
    Tuesday, Dec 6 at 1pm TPT MN
    Tuesday, Dec 6 at 7pm TPT MN
    Monday, Jan 2 at 9:30pm TPT LIFE
    Tuesday, Jan 3 at 3:30am TPT LIFE
  • #407 — Dougie Padilla + I Like You
    Visual artist Dougie Padilla's work reflects his Norwegian-Mexican heritage and the ideals of the 1960s. Hand-carved wooden sculptures and moving parts come together in Cecilia Schiller's interactive automata. Native American bead artist Greg Bellanger is dedicated to keeping Native American craft alive, whether he's making art himself, or providing others with supplies through his Minneapolis store Northland Visions. And ukelele player Wendy O'Sunshyne leads the gypsy jazz-folk band i like you.
    Tuesday, Dec 13 at 1am TPT MN
    Tuesday, Dec 13 at 7am TPT MN
    Tuesday, Dec 13 at 1pm TPT MN
    Tuesday, Dec 13 at 7pm TPT MN
  • #408 — Stuart Pimsler + Malamanya
    Stuart Pimsler Dance and Theater is known for integrating vocals with modern dance and for its commitment to community outreach. Environmental encroachment and global warming are themes in Andrea Martin's hand cut paper art. Michael Berglund turned a childhood love of dinosaurs into a career creating lifelike, to-scale dinosaur models for museums and collectors. Combining the traditional rhythms and melodies of salsa, samba and Afro-Cuban son, Malamanya performs "Fijate Bien" in Studio A.
    Tuesday, Dec 20 at 1am TPT MN
    Tuesday, Dec 20 at 7am TPT MN
    Tuesday, Dec 20 at 1pm TPT MN
    Tuesday, Dec 20 at 7pm TPT MN
  • #409 — Joann Verburg + Rhythmic Circus
    JoAnn Verburg is an internationally known photographer whose large-scale work deals with concepts of time and perspective. Inspired by his experience as an immigrant, Chilean-born Alonso Sierralta combines natural and man-made materials in his sculptures. Four percussive dancers backed by a seven-piece band, Rhythmic Circus explores musical genres like Minneapolis funk, beat box and salsa.
    Tuesday, Dec 27 at 1am TPT MN
    Tuesday, Dec 27 at 7am TPT MN
    Tuesday, Dec 27 at 1pm TPT MN
    Tuesday, Dec 27 at 7pm TPT MN
  • #410 — Marion McClinton + Solid Gold
    Actor, playwright and Tony-nominated director Marion McClinton was protege to Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright August Wilson and helped to define African American theater in the United States. Folk musicians Brian Miller and Randy Gosa collaborate to bring us Minnesota Lumberjack Songs: Irish Music from the Lumber Camps. Complicated, repetitive patterns inspire Elizabeth Simonson's scientific sculptural installations. And electro glam rock band Solid Gold performs in tpt's Studio A.
    Tuesday, Jan 3 at 1am TPT MN
    Tuesday, Jan 3 at 7am TPT MN
    Tuesday, Jan 3 at 7pm TPT MN
  • #411 — Tom Hazelmyer + Lucy Michelle
    Musician and record label owner Tom Hazelmyer creates handmade linocuts for his album art and packaging designs. Deborah Jinza Thayer's curiosity of movement and study of the body is exemplified in her piece "Diana Takes a Swim." Writer Ka Vang gives voice to Hmong immigrants by writing about the Hmong-American experience. And Lucy Michelle + the Velvet Lapelles perform "Catacombs" in tpt's Studio A.
    Tuesday, Jan 10 at 1am TPT MN
    Tuesday, Jan 10 at 7am TPT MN
    Tuesday, Jan 10 at 7pm TPT MN
  • #501 — Artaria + Judy Onofrio
    Internationally acclaimed Artaria String Quartet preserves and performs classical chamber repertoire. Noted poet Robert Bly shares three of his poems from inside his private writing sanctuary. Judy Onofrio's latest work creating sculptures from animal bones is both a departure and a coming home. The 4ontheFloor, along with Duluth singer Sarah Kruger, perform "Enough" at Target Field.
    Friday, Dec 23 at 1am TPT MN
    Friday, Dec 23 at 7am TPT MN
    Friday, Dec 23 at 1pm TPT MN
    Friday, Dec 23 at 7pm TPT MN
  • #502 — HOTTEA and Nicholas David
    Eric Reiger, also known as HOTTEA, uses chain link fence as the backbone for his street art installations. Mary Mack, who has appeared on Minnesota Polka Spotlight and Comedy Central's Live at Gotham, shares her comedic and quirky charm. A finalist from NBC's "The Voice," Nicholas David writes and performs soulful music.
    Friday, Dec 30 at 1am TPT MN
    Friday, Dec 30 at 7am TPT MN
    Friday, Dec 30 at 1pm TPT MN
    Friday, Dec 30 at 7pm TPT MN
  • #503 — MN Original Music Compilation 2014
    A MN Original music compilation featuring many of our favorite musicians performing in the tpt studios and around town: Alpha Consumer, Solid Gold, Mayda, Astronautalis, Barbara Jean, The Shiny Lights and Cloud Cult.
    Friday, Jan 6 at 1am TPT MN
    Friday, Jan 6 at 7am TPT MN
    Friday, Jan 6 at 7pm TPT MN
  • #504 — Allen Downs and MPR's Wits
    "Allen Downs Life and Work: Winter Quarter in Mexico" commemorated the 40th anniversary of Downs' art-based study abroad program. Lea Devon Sorrentino's conceptual installations push viewers to question consumerism and materialism in American culture. And preparations are underway for Wits, American Public Media's live comedy and music show recorded for public radio stations across the nation.
    Friday, Jan 13 at 1am TPT MN
    Friday, Jan 13 at 7am TPT MN
    Friday, Jan 13 at 7pm TPT MN
  • #519 — Phil Daniel and Adam Levy
    Phil Daniel's stained glass art mixes innovative techniques with centuries-old practices, resulting in modern works that are built to last. Inspired by and fascinated by nature, Moira Bateman abandoned a career in landscape architecture to pursue mixed-media art full time. Longtime Twin Cities musician Adam Levy's recent solo work reflects losing his young adult son, Daniel, to mental illness.
    Friday, Dec 9 at 1am TPT MN
    Friday, Dec 9 at 7am TPT MN
    Friday, Dec 9 at 1pm TPT MN
  • #520 — Shana Kaplow and Haley Bonar
    Visual artist Shana Kaplow contrasts stark, photo-real depictions with abstract, disjointed panels to explore the notion of identity. Self-taught jeweler Gallen Benson has earned an international reputation with his intricate cloisonn? work. Jim Sannerud's turned wooden bowls are distinct in their oblong shapes, hand-carved details and vibrant milk paint finishes. Musician Haley Bonar performs on tpt's music series, The Lowertown Line.
    Friday, Dec 16 at 1am TPT MN
    Friday, Dec 16 at 7am TPT MN
    Friday, Dec 16 at 1pm TPT MN
    Friday, Dec 16 at 7pm TPT MN
  • #606 — Jeffrey Hatcher and Anton Armstrong + The St. Olaf Choir
    Playwright and screenwriter Jeffrey Hatcher discusses the art and craft of writing for the stage and screen. Rich Reeder's Film In The City project teaches filmmaking to homeless youth through workshops and mentorships, culminating in a short film. The St. Olaf Choir, directed by Anton Armstrong, continues to honor their choral roots while branching out to perform contemporary works.
    Sunday, Dec 18 at 6pm TPT 2
    Wednesday, Dec 21 at 9:30pm TPT LIFE
    Thursday, Dec 22 at 3:30am TPT LIFE
  • #608 — Gail Be and the Steele Family
    Using innumerable vintage beads, artist Gail Be fashions intricate women's clothing, including a wedding gown with an 18.5 foot train. Home improvement projects were the impetus for Patrick Pryor's experimental painting techniques in his latest body of work. Siblings J.D., Fred, Jearlyn, Jevetta and Billy Steele have been entertaining audiences around the world for decades.
    Sunday, Dec 11 at 6pm TPT 2
  • #701 — Marlon James and the Ericksons
    Marlon James earned one of the world's most respected literary prizes for his 2014 crime novel set in his native Jamaica. James Brenner engages the community when creating large-scale public art pieces. Sisters Bethany Valentini and Jenny Kapernick of the acoustic folk-duo The Ericksons started their musical careers as a way to cope with loss and personal tragedy.
    Sunday, Dec 11 at 6:30pm TPT 2
    Wednesday, Dec 14 at 9:30pm TPT LIFE
    Thursday, Dec 15 at 3:30am TPT LIFE
  • #702 — Shapiro & Smith Dance and Gear Daddies
    Joanie Smith of Shapiro & Smith Dance couples text and movement to envisage relationships in her choreography. Yudong Shen infuses his Asian brush paintings with color and contrast to create landscapes that reflect both China and Minnesota. Perci Chester creates larger-than-life metal sculptures using unexpected tools and techniques. The acclaimed Americana rock band, Gear Daddies, celebrates the 25th anniversary of their album "Billy's Life Bait" at First Avenue.
    Sunday, Dec 25 at 6pm TPT 2
  • #705 — Glensheen at History Theatre and Tom Richmond
    History Theatre's production of Glensheen, by Jeffrey Hatcher and Chan Poling, examines the story of the 1977 Duluth murders. Greta Claire is an abstract painter obsessed with color and texture and the constant need to create. Cartoonist Tom Richmond is a regular contributor to MAD Magazine and recipient of the Reuben Award for Outstanding Cartoonist of the Year. Pianist Zhen Tu performs Etude No. 3 Un sospiro, arranged by Franz Liszt, in the Ordway's Concert Hall.
    Monday, Dec 5 at 1am TPT MN
    Monday, Dec 5 at 7am TPT MN
    Monday, Dec 5 at 1pm TPT MN
    Monday, Dec 5 at 7pm TPT MN
  • #706 — Peyton Scott Russell and Pooja Goswami Pavan
    A graffiti artist since high school, Peyton Scott Russell now uses his art to educate young people. Lisa Friedrich uses fire, gunpowder and smoke to create cityscapes of her hometown. Ernest Miller hand alters his ceramic vessels and uses custom glazes, creating signature pieces that bridge modern and traditional design. Singer, composer and teacher Dr. Pooja Goswami Pavan specializes in classical and semi-classical Indian music.
    Monday, Dec 12 at 1am TPT MN
    Monday, Dec 12 at 7am TPT MN
    Monday, Dec 12 at 1pm TPT MN
    Monday, Dec 12 at 7pm TPT MN
  • #707 — Peter Haakon Thompson and Weiming Lu
    Peter Haakon Thompson engages audiences outside of the traditional gallery setting through participation, interaction and conversation. Keren Kroul's large-scale watercolors are inspired by her memories growing up in Mexico, Israel and Costa Rica. Urban planner Weiming Lu integrates technology in his traditional Chinese calligraphy. Cantus performs "Mu isamaa on minu arm (Land of my Fathers)" from A Singing Revolution.
    Monday, Dec 19 at 1am TPT MN
    Monday, Dec 19 at 7am TPT MN
    Monday, Dec 19 at 1pm TPT MN
    Monday, Dec 19 at 7pm TPT MN
  • #708 — Kelly Connole and Giving Voice Chorus
    Ceramic Artist and Carleton College Professor, Kelly Connole uses clay as her language of storytelling and to express beauty. Actor Pearce Bunting portrays the acclaimed host in Garrison Keillor's play Radio Man. Giving Voice Chorus is the unique chorale ensemble for people living with Alzheimer's disease and their care partners.
    Monday, Dec 26 at 1am TPT MN
    Monday, Dec 26 at 7am TPT MN
    Monday, Dec 26 at 1pm TPT MN
    Monday, Dec 26 at 7pm TPT MN
  • #709 — Leslie Barlow and Eric Mayson
    Oil painter Leslie Barlow explores multiculturalism and identity through portraiture. Chai Lee performs and teaches the significance of the Qeej, an instrument widely known as a cultural symbol of Hmong identity. Amara Hark-Weber creates handmade custom shoes in traditional and conceptual designs. Multifaceted musician Eric Mayson accompanies a modern dance class at Zenon Dance and performs "Skyline" from his debut solo album Detail.
    Monday, Jan 2 at 1am TPT MN
    Monday, Jan 2 at 7am TPT MN
    Monday, Jan 2 at 1pm TPT MN
    Monday, Jan 2 at 7pm TPT MN
  • #710 — Alyssa Baguss and MN Center for Book Arts
    Fascinated by the ability to travel the world via computer, Alyssa Baguss creates her own intricate landscapes, both real and imagined. Depicting unique genres and styles, Aziz Osman paints his prewar memories of Somalia and remembrances of his decades living in Italy. Minnesota Center for Book Arts celebrates paper, printing, bings and broadsides with their annual Winter Book. Rooted in tradition and ceremony, tribal regalia and dance are important to Native American culture.
    Monday, Jan 9 at 1am TPT MN
    Monday, Jan 9 at 7am TPT MN
    Monday, Jan 9 at 7pm TPT MN
  • #801 — Eric Mueller, Andrea Jenkins and Prof
    Instagram helped photographer Eric Mueller fuel his creative side and in turn find a community of peers and tens of thousands of followers. Poet and LGBT activist Andrea Jenkins explains how her work informs and activates communities surrounding LGBT equality issues. Go behind the scenes with legendary rapper Prof as he begins work on a new album and performs at his annual event "Prof Outdoors."
    New Sunday, Jan 8 at 6pm TPT 2
    New Sunday, Jan 8 at 10pm TPT 2
    Monday, Jan 9 at 4am TPT 2
    Monday, Jan 9 at 9:30pm TPT LIFE
    Tuesday, Jan 10 at 3:30am TPT LIFE
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