It’s week nine of The Great British Baking Show, and it’s the semi-final. It’s Patisserie Week, three crucial challenges, three chances to make it to the final.

Air Date 8/4/17

Follow the trials and tribulations of passionate amateur bakers whose goal is to be named the U.K.'s best. Each week, the bakers tackle a different skill, the difficulty of which increases as the competition unfolds. Mary Berry, a leading cookbook writer, and Paul Hollywood, a top artisan baker, serve as judges. Together with hosts and comic foils Sue Perkins and Mel Giedroyc, Berry and Hollywood search for the country's best amateur baker by testing the competitors' skills on cakes, breads, pastries and desserts, crowning a winner after 10 weeks of competition.
Upcoming Air Dates
  • #202 — Bread |
    Monday, Oct 23 at 3pm TPT LIFE
  • #203 — Desserts |
    Tuesday, Oct 24 at 3pm TPT LIFE
  • #204 — Pies and Tarts |
    Wednesday, Oct 25 at 3pm TPT LIFE
  • #205 — Biscuits and Traybakes |
    Thursday, Oct 26 at 3pm TPT LIFE
  • #206 — Sweet Dough |
    Friday, Oct 27 at 3pm TPT LIFE
  • #202 — Bread
    Watch the 12 remaining contestants bake 36 perfectly thin and crispy bread sticks and technically tricky English muffins. The Showstopper features outrageous loaves of bread ... from a Christmas wreath to a proud peacock and a psychic octopus.
    Monday, Oct 23 at 3pm TPT LIFE
  • #203 — Desserts
    Follow the remaining 11 bakers as they deal with desserts: a trifle of biscuit, cake, jelly or custard in distinct layers; perfect Floating Islands; and a Showstopper of 24 petits fours. For the first time, there's a baking burglary in the tent!
    Tuesday, Oct 24 at 3pm TPT LIFE
  • #204 — Pies and Tarts
    Watch the remaining bakers undertake double-crusted fruit pies, a challenge to even the most experienced bakers; English custard tart - a centuries-old recipe that causes a wobble for the contestants; and phyllo pie, with dough made from scratch.
    Wednesday, Oct 25 at 3pm TPT LIFE
  • #205 — Biscuits and Traybakes
    Join eight bakers as they produce favorite traybakes, offering twists on everything from bakewells to banoffees and brownies. The Technical challenge is a French classic-tuiles. For the Showstopper, they construct biscuit towers of epic proportions.
    Thursday, Oct 26 at 3pm TPT LIFE
  • #206 — Sweet Dough
    Watch the bakers work with sweet dough, making tea loaves that are connected to home, and 36 sweet European buns, from Swedish cinnamon buns to German schnecken and French brioches. They also face Paul's most twisted Technical challenge yet.
    Friday, Oct 27 at 3pm TPT LIFE
  • #207 — Pastry
    View the competition among the remaining six bakers to update old- fashioned suet puddings, create perfect religieuses - delicate choux buns filled with creme patissiere - and make three different kinds of puffed pastries.
    Monday, Oct 30 at 3pm TPT LIFE
  • #208 — Quarter Final
    This week, the five remaining bakers are tested on unconventional flours and unusual desserts. They must make a loaf using flours such as spelt, rye, potato or tapioca flours, master meringue and custard dacquoise and create novelty vegetable cakes.
    Tuesday, Oct 31 at 3pm TPT LIFE
  • #209 — French Week
    Follow the four semi-finalists as they wrestle with three French bakes. First they have to produce three types of savory canapes, then a complex charlotte royale. The final is a truly iconic French patisserie: the opera cake
    Wednesday, Nov 1 at 3pm TPT LIFE
  • #210 — The Final
    Learn which of the three finalists will emerge as Britain's best amateur baker. Each must create a technically difficult picnic pie, 12 perfectly shaped pretzels and the ultimate showpiece in a baker's repertoire: a three-tiered wedding cake.
    Thursday, Nov 2 at 3pm TPT LIFE
  • #211 — Masterclass 1
    Mary and Paul take over the tent for the ultimate baking masterclass, making Mary's whole orange cake and angel food cake, Paul's breakfast muffins and olive bread sticks, and the duo's showstopper chocolate cake.
    Friday, Nov 3 at 3pm TPT LIFE
  • #212 — Masterclass 2
    Mary and Paul tackle challenges they set the bakers in dessert and pie weeks. Mary shares her family recipe for tipsy trifle, floating islands and wobbly apricot tart, while Paul prepares custard tarts and showstopping spanakopita.
    Monday, Nov 6 at 3pm TPT LIFE
  • #213 — Masterclass 3
    Get Paul and Mary's tips for biscuits and pastry. Mary shares recipes for ginger spiced traybake and technically tricky tuiles with chocolate mousse, while Paul prepares iced tea loaf, sweet dough brioche tete and twisted apricot couronne.
    Tuesday, Nov 7 at 3pm TPT LIFE
  • #214 — Masterclass 4
    Watch Mary and Paul re-create bakes from the final weeks. Paul makes a wheat-free crusty rye loaf and sweet and savory pretzels. Mary makes Sussex Pond pudding and choux pastry religieuse, and puts her own twist on the classic opera cake.
    Wednesday, Nov 8 at 3pm TPT LIFE
  • #404 — Batter
    Join nine bakers for the first-ever batter week. They prepare a British favorite that demands a uniform bake across the batch; a technical challenge that requires a perfect pastry, sweet filling and delicate icing; and a showstopping Spanish classic.
    Saturday, Oct 28 at 1pm TPT 2
  • #405 — Pastry
    See how eight bakers handle three types of pastry. For the signature, it's breakfast time, Danish style. Then, the technical is a classic British tart. The bite-size showstopper is a pastry notoriously difficult to make and even trickier to bake.
    Saturday, Nov 4 at 1pm TPT 2
  • #406 — Botanical
    Monitor the remaining seven as they strive to give their bakes maximum botanical taste. The signature demands sharp citrus flavors; the technical, a leafy challenge; and the final, three tiers of flavored sponges and stunning floral designs.
    Saturday, Nov 11 at 1pm TPT 2
  • #407 — Desserts
    Learn why sweet challenges mean a bitter end for one baker as the six battle for a spot in the quarter final. The signature has them rolling out their skills; the technical is a tricky French dessert; the showstopper is a bit of a mousse marathon.
    Saturday, Nov 18 at 1pm TPT 2
  • #408 — Tudor Week
    Follow the five remaining bakers as they attempt to re-create dishes fit for the Tudors. The signature is a savory stuffed pie; the technical is an unusual Tudor biscuit that has the bakers tied up in knots; the showstopper is a marzipan spectacle.
    Saturday, Nov 25 at 1pm TPT 2


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