David Bromberg Unsung Treasure

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DAVID BROMBERG UNSUNG TREASURE chronicles the life of enigmatic musical figure David Bromberg. In 1980, at the height of his career, Bromberg stopped performing - citing burnout from years of recording and touring - and turned to violin-making and collecting. The documentary takes an in-depth look at this groundbreaking, genre-bending guitarist, chronicling his rise to fame, his collaborations with Bob Dylan, George Harrison, Jerry Garcia and Neil Young, and his influence on a generation of musicians. This rich and largely untold story unfolds through intimate interviews with Bromberg, archival photographs and footage, music recordings (including never-before-released cuts), and recollections from his contemporaries and family. UNSUNG TREASURE also follows Bromberg as he works to revitalize an urban community in Delaware. His role as Wilmington's cultural ambassador ultimately serves as the catalyst for his musical comeback after a 22-year absence.

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