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  • #101 — First Love |
    Thursday, Oct 5 at 7pm TPT LIFE
  • #101 — First Love |
    Friday, Oct 6 at 1am TPT LIFE
  • #102 — How to Catch A Lobster |
    Thursday, Oct 12 at 7pm TPT LIFE
  • #102 — How to Catch A Lobster |
    Friday, Oct 13 at 1am TPT LIFE
  • #103 — That's The Way to Do It |
    Thursday, Oct 19 at 7pm TPT LIFE
  • #101 — First Love
    Jane is woken by a call from Clint telling her that a boy Steve Kernan has been found dead at the base of a lighthouse. Jane then finds that her daughter Beth has snuck out of the house and is at a sunrise beach party. At the scene, Davey tells Jane that a text message to Steve's mother, May, suggests suicide but a devastated teenage girl turns up at the Coroner's Office telling Jane that Steve would never have killed himself. Jane talks to Steve's parents and feels that his mother is holding something back. Meanwhile, Davey discovers that Steve's best friend, Matt, is Beth's new boyfriend. Jane tries her best to befriend Matt while investigating Steve's death and searching for the mysterious girl who visited her. The question on everyone's minds is - did Steve jump or was he pushed?
    Thursday, Oct 5 at 7pm TPT LIFE
    Friday, Oct 6 at 1am TPT LIFE
  • #102 — How to Catch A Lobster
    Somewhere off the south Devon coast, funeral director Joseph performs a sea burial, watching as the coffin is lowered into the water. Nearer to shore, Coroner's Officer Clint is surfing when he spots an unrecognisable bloated body on the beach. Coroner Jane Kennedy calls an emergency meeting with the local undertakers' association as this is the third body to wash up in a month. Meanwhile Davey takes a statement from Dora who hasn't seen her boyfriend, local petty criminal Kevin Burton, in over a week since he went sailing. Jane and Davey head to the casino where Burton worked and meet the owner, Harvey, who inadvertently reveals that Burton stole some money before he disappeared. Davey is left convinced that the washed up body is Burton's, while Jane's instinct says it's another botched sea burial. Keen to make it interesting, Davey makes a wager with Jane over who buys dinner. With a steak at stake, both are determined to prove each other wrong...
    Thursday, Oct 12 at 7pm TPT LIFE
    Friday, Oct 13 at 1am TPT LIFE
  • #103 — That's The Way to Do It
    Local Mayor, Una Drake, has launched an initiative to clean up Lighthaven and Mick and Davey call her a killjoy, especially when she forcibly closes the Punch and Judy stall. That night the Punch and Judy man is found dead on the beach. Jane meets with Una, her daughter and her estranged husband and finds the Mayor rude and abrupt. That evening, Una refuses to meet to talk with her daughter and stands up her husband claiming to have an important meeting but instead we see her in a passionate embrace with Danny, a handsome, second-rate lounge singer. In the small hours Davey and Jane are called to the scene of a second death. Una has been beaten with a bottle of champagne in her hotel room. Will Jane and Davey be able to find the link between these two deaths?
    Thursday, Oct 19 at 7pm TPT LIFE
    Friday, Oct 20 at 1am TPT LIFE
  • #104 — The Fisherman's Tale
    Judith and Mick are among the crowds to see local business man PB Bradsaw, and his glamorous wife, Joy, re-open their flagship restaurant. There is great shock when PB is shot dead, by a sniper, in the middle of the event. Davey takes an early lead on the case, suspecting a connection with PB's international business, but Detective Inspector Ben Marshall from the Metropolitan Police is swift to take over the case, undermining Davey in the process. Ben takes a shine to Jane and invites her out for dinner. Jane tends to agree with Mick that the motive lies in PB's personal life, especially when she sees video footage of an interview between PB and a student and notes strong sexual chemistry. Is this flirtation at the root of his murder?
    Thursday, Oct 26 at 7pm TPT LIFE
    Friday, Oct 27 at 1am TPT LIFE


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