Changing Seas

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CHANGING SEAS takes viewers on an exciting adventure to the heart of our liquid planet. The documentary series offers an unprecedented look at how oceanographers and experts study earth's vast underwater wilderness, while shedding light on how over-fishing, global climate change and pollution threaten ocean resources.

Upcoming Air Dates
  • #401 — Tracking Tigers |
    Tuesday, Sep 26 at 11am TPT LIFE
  • #401 — Tracking Tigers |
    Tuesday, Sep 26 at 4pm TPT LIFE
  • #402 — Mysterious Microbes |
    Tuesday, Oct 3 at 11am TPT LIFE
  • #402 — Mysterious Microbes |
    Tuesday, Oct 3 at 4pm TPT LIFE
  • #403 — Grouper Moon |
    Tuesday, Oct 10 at 11am TPT LIFE
  • #401 — Tracking Tigers
    Tiger sharks are the ultimate apex predators. Scientists use satellite tags and DNA forensic tools to better understand the migrations of this magnificent species and to investigate the impacts of the world shark fin trade.
    Tuesday, Sep 26 at 11am TPT LIFE
    Tuesday, Sep 26 at 4pm TPT LIFE
  • #402 — Mysterious Microbes
    On coral reefs, microorganisms are copious creatures. Throughout Florida, scientists painstakingly work to identify key players within this microbial community and directly link a devastating coral disease to a human pathogen.
    Tuesday, Oct 3 at 11am TPT LIFE
    Tuesday, Oct 3 at 4pm TPT LIFE
  • #403 — Grouper Moon
    During the winter full moons Nassau grouper gather in large numbers to spawn. Most of the known spawning sites have been fished out, but the Cayman Islands are home to the last great reproductive population of this endangered species.
    Tuesday, Oct 10 at 11am TPT LIFE
    Tuesday, Oct 10 at 4pm TPT LIFE
  • #404 — Coastal Carnivores
    Scientists studying the coastal Everglades have made some perplexing discoveries. Bull sharks are living upstream where alligators should thrive, and gators are swimming out to the ocean to feed.
    Tuesday, Oct 17 at 11am TPT LIFE
    Tuesday, Oct 17 at 4pm TPT LIFE
  • #501 — Coral Hybrids
    While Elkhorn and Staghorn corals have undergone a drastic decline in the Caribbean, their hybrid, "Fused Staghorn," is increasing in numbers in parts of the region. One scientist is studying the animals in Belize to see if the hybrid might be better equipped to deal with environmental stressors than its parents.
    Tuesday, Oct 24 at 11am TPT LIFE
    Tuesday, Oct 24 at 4pm TPT LIFE
  • #502 — Sunken Stories
    In the Florida Keys, divers from around the country learn how to map shipwrecks and apply their skills on a mysterious 19th Century slave ship. When diving isn't possible, professional explorers use high-tech tools to scan objects buried beneath the seafloor.
    Tuesday, Oct 31 at 11am TPT LIFE
    Tuesday, Oct 31 at 4pm TPT LIFE


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