Born and Bred

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Arthur Gilder has lived in the beautiful village of Ormston all his life and now he's ready to hand over the reins of his doctor's practice to his son, Tom. Tom moves his wife Deborah and four children from the hustle and bustle of Manchester to rural Ormston to take on his father's practice. Both father and son want the practice to succeed but this is the 1950's and Arthur clings to his old-fashioned, tried and tested ways, whereas Tom is determined that the hospital should adapt or die.

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  • #103 — Born and Bred |
    Friday, Sep 22 at 2pm TPT LIFE
  • #103 — Born and Bred |
    Friday, Sep 22 at 6pm TPT LIFE
  • #104 — Born and Bred |
    Monday, Sep 25 at 2pm TPT LIFE
  • #104 — Born and Bred |
    Monday, Sep 25 at 6pm TPT LIFE
  • #105 — Born and Bred |
    Tuesday, Sep 26 at 2pm TPT LIFE
  • #103 — Born and Bred
    Having agreed to run the village surgery together, Tom and arthur must now convince the Inspector that everything is above board. The Inspector, Cornelius Sibbald (Jamie Glover), is due to visit the surgery and give the official go-ahead for the cottage hospital to be added. But the hospital needs a number of improvements to bring it up to standard and there is no money to pay for the builders.The villagers rally round to raise funds, organised by deborah, who takes control and resurrects the Parish Council.
    Friday, Sep 22 at 2pm TPT LIFE
    Friday, Sep 22 at 6pm TPT LIFE
  • #104 — Born and Bred
    Tom's youngsters, Michael and Catherine, hear stories of hidden treasure and the Ormston ghost, and set off into the woods in search of both.Their mission is successful and they return home with a couple of ancient coins which would seem to be the answer to all the village's problems.
    Monday, Sep 25 at 2pm TPT LIFE
    Monday, Sep 25 at 6pm TPT LIFE
  • #105 — Born and Bred
    Arthur and Tom Gilder continue their battle to run Ormston's village surgery, but Tom's patience is being stretched as he feels that Arthur isn't pulling his weight. That's because Arthur, unbeknownst to Tom, is sneaking around and brewing his own beer for his grandson's christening - with the help of Eddie, Rev Brewer and Mr Boynton (Donald Gee).The consequences are disastrous...
    Tuesday, Sep 26 at 2pm TPT LIFE
    Tuesday, Sep 26 at 6pm TPT LIFE
  • #106 — Born and Bred
    It's judgment day for the village of Ormston, as the National Health Service official returns to inspect the hospital. The Inspector, Neville Manley (Christian Steel), gives them the go-ahead for the cottage hospital - much to Arthur and Tom's relief and to the delight of the villagers. A celebration is called for and the village committee marks the occasion by resurrecting the flower of the valley competition, bringing out the competitive side of the village women - and their menfolk.
    Wednesday, Sep 27 at 2pm TPT LIFE
    Wednesday, Sep 27 at 6pm TPT LIFE
  • #107 — Lost Souls
    Len and Linda find seven-year-old Molly on the steps of the hospital. Inside, when Tom and Arthur show up, nobody is able to get a word out of her. But when she clouts him on the head, Arthur realizes that Molly is a real handful. Tom decides to take her home and let Deborah care for her until they can decide on a course of action, but even Deborah finds her patience is tested by the child. Tom arrives home to find Molly causing chaos. However, he quickly solves the riddle: Molly is deaf.
    Thursday, Sep 28 at 2pm TPT LIFE
    Thursday, Sep 28 at 6pm TPT LIFE
  • #108 — Home to Roost
    Deborah's mother, Dora, has come to the village to visit her daughter. She has a big secret; she is going to remarry again. Deborah is furious and the two agree to disagree. Meanwhile, Tom and Arthur are forced to endure Dora's gifts of knitted ties and her propensity to goose Arthur at every turn.
    Friday, Sep 29 at 2pm TPT LIFE
    Friday, Sep 29 at 6pm TPT LIFE
  • #109 — Blood Relations
    Eddie's Uncle Fred has been diagnosed with leukaemia. Although it's been quite a while since the diagnosis none of the villagers have really acknowledged that he's going to die. However, when Arthur conducts his routine blood test, it becomes clear that things are taking a turn for the worse.
    Monday, Oct 2 at 2pm TPT LIFE
    Monday, Oct 2 at 6pm TPT LIFE
  • #110 — Fertility Rites
    Following a one-night-stand, Phyllis's niece, Joanne, is pregnant. She opts to have the baby, however she is compromising her safety by continuing to work at the ironworks for her father, Don.Her mother Edie, is too busy arguing with Phyllis to notice that Joanne's health is at risk.Tom tries in vain to persuade Joanne to rest and she is at the ironworks when she starts to give birth to the baby prematurely. Tom delivers the child, and keeps it alive by improvising a makeshift incubator out of a fish tank and some hot-waterbottles.
    Tuesday, Oct 3 at 2pm TPT LIFE
    Tuesday, Oct 3 at 6pm TPT LIFE
  • #111 — His Brother's Keeper
    Hans Gothard, a German, arrives in Ormston to visit the Reverend Brewer. He wants to see the Parish Records, but is mysterious about the subject of his inquiries. Gothard is suffering from severe back pain, and Len points him in the direction of the cottage hospital. Tom prescribes him some painkillers, but his interest is piqued when Hans refuses to allow a full examination.
    Wednesday, Oct 4 at 2pm TPT LIFE
    Wednesday, Oct 4 at 6pm TPT LIFE
  • #112 — Old Flames
    It's the day of the wedding. Deborah's mother, Dora, is marrying her fiance in Ormston. Derek is a war hero, but Deborah is deeply suspicious of the whole thing. Then she learns that the bridegroom is suffering from a form of senility and doesn't have much time before the condition makes his life intolerable. Once Deborah knows this, she gives the wedding her blessing.
    Thursday, Oct 5 at 2pm TPT LIFE
    Thursday, Oct 5 at 6pm TPT LIFE
  • #113 — The Comet
    There's an influx of patients at the cottage hospital: Eddie and Len. Both are suffering from psychosomatic illnesses; Eddie has insomnia and 'itchy teeth' and Len has 'Cosgrove Spine'. Though science can do little for them, a little faith seems to work wonders.
    Friday, Oct 6 at 2pm TPT LIFE
    Friday, Oct 6 at 6pm TPT LIFE
  • #114 — The Magnificent Colin
    Ormston is buzzing with excitement thanks to the arrival of the Magnificent Colin, fortune teller extraordinaire. Everyone wants their fortune told. Colin is pressing to read Jean's palm, but Jean is far too busy - running her business and covering the station for her father - to stop. Eddie is jealous of the attention Colin is paying her.
    Monday, Oct 9 at 2pm TPT LIFE
    Monday, Oct 9 at 6pm TPT LIFE
  • #115 — The Last Hurrah - Part 1
    Tom and Deborah (and baby Philip) are going on holiday. So are Len and Linda - and coincidentally to the same place. It's obvious that both Linda and Deborah have things on their minds and they are both annoyed that their husbands have not noticed. Linda thinks Deborah is lucky; all Linda has ever wanted is children. and she worries whether she and Len can last without a baby. Len and Linda have a heart to heart and sort things out, but Tom and Deborah end up arguing. Deborah tells Tom that she wishes the pregnancy hadn't happened and unfortunately Len and Linda have heard every word. It's been a holiday from hell and both couples decide to head home.
    Tuesday, Oct 10 at 2pm TPT LIFE
    Tuesday, Oct 10 at 6pm TPT LIFE
  • #116 — The Last Hurrah - Part 2
    Tom is still angry that Arthur deceived Eugenia. She, meanwhile, has her revenge. Ormston Memorial Hospital has been turned into a Tory shrine: covered in blue ribbons, rosettes, posters and a massive banner saying 'Vote Eugenia Maddox - the healthy vote!' This makes anti-Tory Tom even more furious, but Arthur points out that they cannot risk the hospital being closed. Phyllis decides to call Labour MP Reg Samuel to scupper Eugenia's plans. Reg and his men arrive en masse to give Eugenia a healthy battle.
    Wednesday, Oct 11 at 2pm TPT LIFE
    Wednesday, Oct 11 at 6pm TPT LIFE
  • #117 — A Very Ormston Christmas
    There is an unsettling start to the festive season when news breaks that a robber is on the loose, disguised as Santa Claus and accompanied by a vicious elf. Local policeman Len makes it his mission to capture the trouble-making duo and enlists the help of stationmaster Wilf. Before they set off to track down the criminals, they raid Phyllis and Linda's wardrobes for disguises - but end up looking like Cinderella's ugly sisters.
    Thursday, Oct 12 at 2pm TPT LIFE
    Thursday, Oct 12 at 6pm TPT LIFE
  • #118 — A Little Touch of Harry
    After an eventful Christmas, the villagers are settling back into their daily lives when a face from the past causes quite a stir. Phyllis's runaway husband, Harry Woolf (Bill Paterson), who left six years ago, returns to win back his wife and pub.
    Friday, Oct 13 at 2pm TPT LIFE
    Friday, Oct 13 at 6pm TPT LIFE
  • #119 — No Regrets
    Showbiz invades Ormston when the BBC Radio series, Tiny Terry, comes to town. What's more, they are auditioning for the lead role. Convinced he can land the part, Michael agrees with his father, behind his mother's back, to go for the audition. He takes Jean and Eddie along for moral support. But it is Jean who catches the producer's eye, much to Michael's disgust..
    Monday, Oct 16 at 2pm TPT LIFE
    Monday, Oct 16 at 6pm TPT LIFE
  • #120 — A Small Flourish
    Ormston's usually peaceful atmosphere is shattered when a certain Mr Tyldesley arrives in town. Not content with painting beautiful pictures of the local landscape, Dennis Tyldesley has taken to blowing up great swathes of it as well. After such an explosive introduction, Arthur, Brewer and Boynton confront Mr Tyldesley to ask just what he is up to, But, much to their annoyance, Dennis is not forthcoming, saying he is sworn to secrecy.
    Tuesday, Oct 17 at 2pm TPT LIFE
    Tuesday, Oct 17 at 6pm TPT LIFE
  • #121 — Thick As Thieves
    It's all change in Ormston, as two newcomers arrive and have an immediate and memorable impact on village life. Len and Linda are expecting their first foster child, a two-year-old boy called Nat. But Nat turns out to be a hard-as-nails 12-year-old who can't keep out of trouble. Len and Linda are disappointed, but throw everything into looking after the boy, only to quickly realize that fostering isn't going to be easy.
    Wednesday, Oct 18 at 2pm TPT LIFE
    Wednesday, Oct 18 at 6pm TPT LIFE
  • #122 — The Doctor Now Departing
    The tension between Tom and Arthur is reaching breaking point. Finding it impossible to work with his father, Tom decides to accept the job offer in New Zealand and leave Ormston. However, Arthur is secretly making calls to the practice in New Zealand, arranging to take the job himself.
    Thursday, Oct 19 at 2pm TPT LIFE
    Thursday, Oct 19 at 6pm TPT LIFE
  • #123 — And Is There Still Honey for Tea?
    Following Arthur's departure from Ormston, Tom advertises for a new doctor to replace his father. Coincidentally, Dr Donald Newman arrives in the village to offer his services. But it soon becomes clear that Dr Newman's arrival owes nothing to coincidence; he is an old friend of Arthur's and is in Ormston at his behest, a fact which infuriates Tom.
    Friday, Oct 20 at 2pm TPT LIFE
    Friday, Oct 20 at 6pm TPT LIFE
  • #124 — More Than You Know
    The battle lines are drawn in Ormston as the villagers plan a final stand to stop the proposed road through the village. Mr Ffotherington, Servant of the Crown, arrives to evaluate the validity of the objections to the scheme. He implies to Tom that he may be able to prevent the demolition of the village. At an emergency parish meeting, the villagers agree to butter up Mr Ffotherington, treating him with kid gloves to sway his decision.
    Monday, Oct 23 at 2pm TPT LIFE
    Monday, Oct 23 at 6pm TPT LIFE
  • #125 — A House Divided
    All the villagers come together for the 21st annual Ormston and Thursvale Pub Olympics. The stakes are higher than ever - if they win the grand cash prize of 750, it will go towards Phyllis's fund to buy the Signalman's Arm back from the brewery.
    Tuesday, Oct 24 at 2pm TPT LIFE
    Tuesday, Oct 24 at 6pm TPT LIFE
  • #126 — Something Old
    Jean and Eddie's big day has finally arrived, but nothing is going to plan. While an excited Jean is expecting a French chef to prepare her wedding feast, Wilf is buying as many ingredients as he can get his hands on, including a large bag of contaminated flour.
    Wednesday, Oct 25 at 2pm TPT LIFE
    Wednesday, Oct 25 at 6pm TPT LIFE
  • #127 — The Great Leap Forward
    Encouraged by Deborah, Donald asks Phyllis again about the Churchill Suite and she happily agrees to him moving in. Donald also reappraises his opinion of Logan. The next day, Len finally gets a call on his new phone. An excited Deborah and the children go to the station to meet Tom. He isn't there. Len arrives with the terrible news that Dr. Tom Gilder is dead.
    Thursday, Oct 26 at 2pm TPT LIFE
    Thursday, Oct 26 at 6pm TPT LIFE
  • #128 — Flying Home
    A sole church bell tolls across the village on the day of Tom's funeral and everyone, including Helen Gilder, gathers at the Gilder house ready for the procession to the church. Mr HENRY WILLIAMSON (Nigel Havers), Surgeon General at Rattenbury Hospital, and his wife JACQUELINE (Josefina Gabrielle) arrive in Ormston to pay their respects much to Donald's alarm.
    Friday, Oct 27 at 2pm TPT LIFE
    Friday, Oct 27 at 6pm TPT LIFE
  • #129 — Community Spirits
    Heads turn when NANCY BRISLEY (Kelly Harrison), Deborah's gorgeous but impetuous, younger sister arrives in Ormston. The children are delighted to have their favourite aunt staying with them and, when Logan catches her eye, Nancy is equally happy to stay and 'help' Deborah with the kids.
    Monday, Oct 30 at 2pm TPT LIFE
    Monday, Oct 30 at 6pm TPT LIFE
  • #130 — Never Seek to Tell
    An excited Len prepares for the imminent arrival of their new foster daughter LAURA (Michaela Megran-Handley), unaware that there is something that Linda hasn't been able to tell him. Mr Boynton starts selling sacks of his prize gardening manure, while Reverend Brewer is inspired to write romantic poetry and Nancy is impressed by the look of handsome CYRIL PILLING (Laurence Penry-Jones) until Deborah explains he is happily married to MARY (Lyndsey Marshal).
    Tuesday, Oct 31 at 2pm TPT LIFE
    Tuesday, Oct 31 at 6pm TPT LIFE
  • #131 — Apple Day
    Ormston prepares for the traditional Apple Day Festival and Phyllis is especially delighted with her new regal ceremonial role. Logan is bemused by the whole celebration, despite Mr Boynton explaining the unique harvest, confessing to Deborah that it makes him feel like an outsider.
    Wednesday, Nov 1 at 2pm TPT LIFE
    Wednesday, Nov 1 at 6pm TPT LIFE
  • #136 — Someone to Watch Over Me
    It's coming up for Logan's last day in Ormston and Deborah is avoiding him, frightened to confront her feelings. A new vicar arrives, RICHARD SNAITH (Toby Sawyer), who explains that the Bishop wants him to keep an eye on Brewer, which makes Brewer even more concerned about his early onset of dementia.
    Wednesday, Sep 27 at 7pm TPT LIFE
    Thursday, Sep 28 at 1am TPT LIFE


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