Art in the Twenty-First Century


Episode: Artists address the idea of spirituality by questioning commonly held assumptions about faith, belief, meditation, and religious symbols. Featuring artists Ann Hamilton, John Feodorov, Shahzia Sikander, and James Turrell, with an introduction by Beryl Korot and S. Epatha Merkerson.

Air Date 9/20/01

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This series focuses on contemporary visual art and artists in the United States. Each episode profiles three to four artists. In short segments, featured artists speak directly to the audience in their own words, reflecting on their lives, sources of inspiration, and working processes. Profiled artists include painters, sculptors, printmakers, photographers, installation and video artists, as well as artists working with new media, environmental or public issues, and hybrid forms. Filmed in their studios, homes, and exhibition spaces, these artists demonstrate the full breadth of artistic practice across the country and reveal the depth of inter-generational and multicultural talent.
Upcoming Air Dates
  • #801 — Chicago |
    New Sunday, Sep 18 at 5pm TPT 2
  • #802 — Mexico City |
    New Sunday, Sep 18 at 6pm TPT 2
  • #803 — Los Angeles |
    New Sunday, Sep 25 at 5pm TPT 2
  • #804 — Vancouver |
    New Sunday, Sep 25 at 6pm TPT 2
  • #801 — Chicago
    Featured are Nick Cave, who creates wearable objects blending fashion and movement; sculptor and urban planner Theaster Gates; Barbara Kasten, who makes photographs and video projections; and cartoonist Chris Ware, a pioneer of the graphic novel.
    New Sunday, Sep 18 at 5pm TPT 2
  • #802 — Mexico City
    Featured are Damian Ortega, who makes sculptures from ordinary objects; Pedro Reyes, who designs solutions to social problems; Minerva Cuevas, who creates interventions in public space; and feature filmmaker Natalia Almada.
    New Sunday, Sep 18 at 6pm TPT 2
  • #803 — Los Angeles
    Featured are Diana Thater's immersive video installations; Liz Larner's experimental abstract sculptures; Tala Madani, who skewers stereotypes in satirical paintings; and Edgar Arceneaux, who examines history through drawing and performance.
    New Sunday, Sep 25 at 5pm TPT 2
  • #804 — Vancouver
    Featured are Liz Magor, who makes realistic casts of humble objects; Stan Douglas, who re-enacts historical moments through multimedia productions; Brian Jungen, who transforms consumer goods into sculptures; and renowned photographer Jeff Wall.
    New Sunday, Sep 25 at 6pm TPT 2
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