American Masters

The Women's List

Meet 15 women who define contemporary American culture in Timothy Greenfield-Sanders’ new “List” film featuring Madeleine Albright, Margaret Cho, Edie Falco, Betsey Johnson, Alicia Keys, Nancy Pelosi, Rosie Perez, Wendy Williams and more. All trailblazers in their fields, these women share their experiences struggling against discrimination and overcoming challenges to make their voices heard.

Air Date 9/25/15

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AMERICAN MASTERS is an ongoing series of award-winning primetime specials examining the lives, works, and creative processes of our most outstanding cultural artists. Created in 1984 by Susan Lacy and produced by Thirteen/WNET for national public television, the series is both a celebration and an exploration of creativity in America. Consisting of more than 250 hours of programming to date, AMERICAN MASTERS is a growing film library documenting the role important individuals, groups, and movements have played in the formation of our cultural identity.
Upcoming Air Dates
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    Friday, Dec 9 at 8pm TPT 2
  • Bing Crosby Rediscovered: American Masters |
    Saturday, Dec 10 at 2am TPT 2
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  • Bing Crosby Rediscovered: American Masters
    Explore the life and legend of this iconic entertainer through never-before-seen footage and interviews with his immediate family and Tony Bennett. Narrated by Stanley Tucci, this documentary reveals a man far more complex than his public persona.
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  • Salinger: American Masters
    This film features interviews with 150 subjects, including J.D. Salinger's friends, colleagues and members of his inner circle who have never spoken on the record before as well as film footage, photographs and other material that has never been seen. Additionally, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Edward Norton, John Cusack, Danny DeVito, John Guare, Martin Sheen, David Milch, Robert Towne, Tom Wolfe, E.L. Doctorow, Gore Vidal and Pulitzer Prize winners A. Scott Berg and Elizabeth Frank talk about Salinger's influence on their lives, their work and the broader culture. The film is the first work to get beyond the Catcher in the Rye author's meticulously built up wall: his childhood, painstaking work methods, marriages, private world and the secrets he left behind after his death in 2010.
    Sunday, Dec 11 at 10pm TPT 2
    Saturday, Dec 17 at 9pm TPT LIFE
    Sunday, Dec 18 at 3am TPT LIFE
  • #2806 — Loretta Lynn: American Masters
    Explore the country legend's hard-fought road to stardom. From her Appalachian roots to the Oscar-winning biopic Coal Miner's Daughter, Loretta Lynn struggled to balance family and her music career and is still going strong over 50 years later.
    Friday, Jan 6 at 8pm TPT 2
    Saturday, Jan 7 at 2am TPT 2
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