Age Reversed with Miranda Esmonde-White

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  • Age Reversed with Miranda Esmonde-White |
    Sunday, Oct 8 at 3am TPT LIFE
  • Age Reversed with Miranda Esmonde-White
    AGE REVERSED WITH MIRANDA ESMONDE-WHITE (formerly AGING BACKWARDS WITH MIRANDA ESMONDE-WHITE) provides valuable insights on combating the physical signs and consequences of aging. Scientific, yet entertaining and accessible, the three-part special shares practical information on slowing down and potentially reversing the aging process through exercise and other lifestyle choices. Charismatic Classical Stretch host Miranda Esmonde-White, a former National Ballet of Canada dancer, strives to motivate viewers to stretch and strengthen their way to feeling and looking younger. She believes a gentle, full-body workout holds the key to increasing strength and flexibility; building a longer, leaner and stronger body; improving posture; relieving chronic aches and pains; combating osteoporosis and arthritis; overcoming injuries; and preventing hypertension and diabetes. Interviews with doctors and physiotherapists, testimonials from Classical Stretch enthusiasts ranging in age from 22 to 90, and clear explanations from Esmonde-White illustrate the damage caused by a sedentary lifestyle and the benefits of exercise at every stage of life.
    Sunday, Oct 8 at 3am TPT LIFE


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