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December 2011
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Doctor in the Mirror with Dr. Reed Tuckson

Image by clevercupcakes

It seems not a day goes by when some new development or treatment is announced for a disease like prostate cancer, breast cancer, or diabetes. Or when we don't see an article about healthcare reform or the challenges of health care financing. With so much going on, how can you be sure your doctors and health care professionals are informed enough about your own personal needs in order to provide the very best care?

Fortunately, there is one doctor who knows your body better than anyone in the world. One doctor who's been treating you throughout your entire life. One doctor who cares enough to do anything necessary to get you healthy, and keep you healthy. It's the doctor in the mirror: Dr. You. In this special pledge program, Dr. Reed Tuckson gives an entertaining, inspiring,and deeply informative presentation on how to become your own best health advocate.

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