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September 2012
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Big Changes Are Coming to tpt LIFE!

Starting October 1, tpt LIFE will introduce a new primetime schedule of programs, offering you the chance to see shows you missed, re-watch programs you love, and discover new favorites.

We’re adding an entire night of drama on tpt LIFE -- including Masterpiece -- another night of history, and a night of mystery. And we’ll still have a night chock full of cooking shows, including the newest from Lidia, Cook’s Country from America's Test Kitchen and the debut of Martha Stewart’s Cooking School.

Plus, we've upgraded tpt LIFE into High Definition (HD), so your favorite shows will look even better. Click here to check out the daily schedule or click here to view the weekly schedule for tpt LIFE.

In addition to the upgrade on tpt LIFE, the MN Channel is now available in Widescreen. 

Here are some answers to questions about our tpt LIFE transition.


Q:  Why are you changing the tpt LIFE schedule?

When tpt transitioned to digital broadcasting in Jan. '09 we began scheduling how-to and lifestyle programs in prime time on tpt LIFE. We wanted them to provide an alternative to the history, drama and science programs regularly found on tpt2 in primetime and help create a more robust family of services overall.

Now, tpt is taking advantage of another technological change, the move to broadcasting in High Definition on tpt LIFE beginning Oct. 1, to make changes that we hope will help more people find more of what they like on tpt LIFE in primetime.

Since how-to and lifestyle programs have long been part of the tpt LIFE mix, we are keeping them on Tuesday evenings. The other nights will provide additional opportunities to watch favorites from the tpt2 schedule and some new programs as well.


Q:  Will there be anything different from tpt 2’s prime time schedule on tpt LIFE?

Yes.  In addition to another prime time opportunity to watch audience favorites, the new tpt LIFE prime time schedule will have additional drama, like Ballykissangel on Thursdays at 7 p.m., lifestyle programming in prime time on Tuesday s and history specials on Mondays.  In June, we also began airing independent documentaries in primetime on Saturdays at 9 p.m.


Q:  Where are my how-to and lifestyle programs going?

Lifestyle programs will remain where they’ve been on weekday mornings and now also on Saturday afternoons and Tuesday evenings.  An additional half-hour of cooking has been added to the morning schedule and, due to its popularity, sewing and quilting shows have moved an hour later to 8 a.m.


Q:  What isn’t changing? 

In addition to the previously mentioned weekday morning lifestyle programs the following programs/ genres are remaining where they’ve been:

  • Lawrence Welk
  • Eastenders
  • Children’s Programs
  • Charlie Rose
  • Tavis Smiley
  • BBC World News
  • Nightly Business Report
  • Britcoms
  • Woodworking


For questions, concerns and feedback about our new tpt LIFE schedule, feel free to contact Viewer Services by clicking here or calling 651-229-1330 -- Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

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