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For Immediate Release
March 25th, 2013

FRONTLINE and Independent Lens Present Kind Hearted Woman on tpt

Monday, April 1 and Tuesday, April 2 on at 8 p.m. on tpt 2

St. Paul, Minn. March 25, 2013 - On April 1 & 2, PBS’s FRONTLINE and Independent Lens present a new documentary by acclaimed filmmaker David Sutherland (The Farmer’s Wife, Country Boys) that may hit close to home for many Minnesotans – with an important piece of the story taking place in and around our state.


The two-part series creates an unforgettable portrait of Robin Charboneau, a 32-year-old divorced single mother and Oglala Sioux woman living on North Dakota’s Spirit Lake Reservation. Sutherland follows Robin over three years as she struggles to raise her two children, further her education and heal herself from the wounds of sexual abuse she suffered as a child. The programs air Monday and Tuesday, April 1 & 2, starting at 8 PM CT on tpt 2.


The series follows Robin after a 20-day stay in rehab as she confronts the aftereffects of the sexual abuse she suffered as a child and fights to keep her family together through a custody battle with her ex-husband over their two children, Darian and Anthony — all while pursuing her dream of a college degree and a career as a social worker.


When Robin’s daughter reveals that her father has sexually abused her, it ignites both emotional turmoil and a dramatic criminal trial in federal court, during which Darian will have to testify against her father.


Robin’s ex-husband is convicted of abusive sexual contact with his daughter; she regains custody and moves to International Falls, Minnesota, for a fresh start and begins a long, arduous journey to heal herself and her children — and her community.


Sutherland’s film of Robin’s journey is told with the disarming intimacy that riveted viewers of his previous films, The Farmer’s Wife and Country Boys. Viewers gain access to heartbreaking scenes of this family’s struggles. “As in my other films profiling rural poverty,” says Sutherland, “in Kind Hearted Woman, I was trying to reach out to another forgotten corner of the American landscape, this time to put a face on a Native family so that we could see them close-up with all the detail that illuminates the rich reality of their lives.”


Robin’s ultimate emergence as a powerful public speaker on abuse provides a final sign of her growing emotional health and personal triumph as both a professional and a mother.


This film brings to the forefront many difficult issues, which take place in the landscape of Minnesota and the surrounding areas. It will be a powerful story for many in the region as well as across the nation. Twin Cities Public Television (tpt) is using this impactful documentary as an important opportunity to provide easy access to sexual assault advocacy information in the Twin Cities and throughout the state. TPT’s resources, including contact information for MNCASA, Day One and much more can be found online at tpt.org/kindheartedwoman.


Kind Hearted Woman is a David Sutherland Production for WGBH/FRONTLINE and the Independent Television Service (ITVS). The series is produced, written and directed by David Sutherland. The executive producer for ITVS is Sally Jo Fifer. The senior series producer for INDEPENDENT LENS is Lois Vossen.  The FRONTLINE executive producer for special projects is Mike Sullivan. The deputy executive producer of FRONTLINE is Raney Aronson-Rath. The executive producer of FRONTLINE is David Fanning.


Funding for Kind Hearted Woman is provided through the support of PBS viewers and by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and The LEF Foundation. Funding for INDEPENDENT LENS is provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the National Endowment for the Arts.


FRONTLINE is produced by WGBH Boston and is broadcast nationwide on PBS. Funding for FRONTLINE is provided through the support of PBS viewers and by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Major funding for FRONTLINE is provided by The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation. Additional funding is provided by the Park Foundation and the FRONTLINE Journalism Fund. FRONTLINE is closed-captioned for deaf and hard-of-hearing viewers by the Media Access Group at WGBH. FRONTLINE is a registered trademark of WGBH Educational Foundation.


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