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Truth About Lions
Lions are the most studied of all big cats and yet most of us are only familiar with their hunting behaviour and know little of the intricate details of lion life. This fascinating series travels beyond the stereotypes usually associated with lions to reveal the real lives of these remarkable cats. For the first time, The Truth About Lions brings together the work of dozens of scientists and decades of research offering a completely new perspective on lion behaviour. Unlike many big cats, lions are incredibly sociable creatures. Researchers believe that this is the key to almost everything about their biology - from how they look, to how they hunt, live and even how and when they die.

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Episode #102
The End of The Road
The lion's social nature has made the species a complicated yet fascinating beast. Within the pride it's the females who run the show, while males have a warrior role. This social structure allows prides to control large areas where game is abundant. Their social lifestyle and the places where they live make them the most often seen of all the big cats but this visibility masks a darker truth. In the last century lion numbers have declined by as much as 90%. With as few as 25,000 lions left, this programme reveals how understanding their social lifestyle in detail is vital if we are to protect these unique cats for future generations.
59 minutes long
tpt MN Channel 2.2

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episode on this channel.

Episode #101
The Social Cat
Why is it that lions, alone amongst all the wild cats, are so intensely social? This programme looks in turn at the possibilities from co-operative hunting to raising cubs, and explores the lion's world from their point of view. Whilst there are obvious benefits to living in prides none seem to be a satisfactory reason to evolve sociality. After 30 years, the Serengeti Lion Project, lead by Craig Packer, may have finally found the answer to the conundrum. The answer could have direct consequences for the survival of lions as a species.
58 minutes long
tpt MN Channel 2.2

No previous airings of this
episode on this channel.

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