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Lost Twin Cities III

Sorry, there are no episodes of this series airing in the next 2 months on any of our three channels.

This list includes any broadcasts that aired in the past 2 months on any of our three channels.

Previously aired Tuesday March 11th
"Lost Twin Cities III" is the third installment of the immensely popular "Lost Twin Cities" specials. Based on the Larry Millett book of the same name, these programs explore the vibrant history of vanished places and cultures in the metropolitan area. In this episode, viewers will revisit long gone stores, restaurants, movie theaters, sporting events, and more. Narrated by Don Shelby, this hour long special will revive fond memories from bygone eras and introduce viewers to surprising past chapters of the place we call home.
57 minutes long
tpt MN Channel 2.2

No previous airings of this
episode on this channel.

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