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Smart House: Livable Community

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Previously aired Friday July 31st
The first wave of Baby Boomers reached age 65 in January 2011. How Boomers will experience their senior years is anyone's guess, since this group (born between 1946 and 1964) is the best-educated and perhaps the most "color-outside-the-lines" generation America has ever produced. Indications are that many will want to live independently in their own homes and communities for as long as possible. This program, based on the exhibition "Smart House, Livable Community, Your Future," organized by the University of Minnesota's Goldstein Museum of Design, explores innovative ideas for housing that can enable older adults to live independently, integrated into the larger community. Viewers will learn about good design options available for private residences, effective interior design, and household products that can safely support daily life. Also explored are the ways communities can adapt so older adults can continue to enjoy shared amenities. The program features a guided tour of the exhibition, which is set up to simulate the renovated home of a fictional 60-ish couple. Also visited is the renovated real home of designer Bill Stumpf . Co-produced with the Goldstein Museum of Design.
26 minutes long
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