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The Economics and Ethics of Healthcare

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Airs Friday October 24th
Two Minnesota institutions have partnered together to create relevant, thoughtful, and "intellectually accessible" programming on the most pressing issues of law, public policy, morality, and their intersections in the every day lives of Minnesotans. Hamline University School of Law, through its Alumni Board, and Twin Cities Public Television will offer a series of public forums centered on the simple premise that responsible dialogue amongst thoughtful citizens is the shortest path to - first understanding and then - solving some of our most difficult personal and societal issues.  Condensed, we will join "Smart People to Tough Issues".The first of program in the series "The Economics and Ethics of Healthcare", will focus on the highly relevant issue of healthcare, specifically healthcare and the economy.  Hamline University School of Law is uniquely postured to host this forum in that it is the home to the Health Law Institute which is a one-of-a-kind in Minnesota and nationally recognized top twenty healthcare law institute.
56 minutes long
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