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Parks For The People

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Previously aired Thursday December 11th
The landscape of Minneapolis was once that of a tall grass prairie with few trees and marshy lakes.  Today the city is regarded as one of America's great "green" cities with tree-lined parkways, public-owned lake shores and vibrant neighborhood parks.  How did the city create a one of a kind park system?  "Parks for the People" tells the surprising story of the origins and evolution of the park systems of the Twin Cities. With a landscape that includes the Minnehaha Falls, Lake Como, the Chain of Lakes, and the Mississippi river, Minneapolis and St. Paul always possessed remarkable natural features. But what few know is how it took vision, leadership, and civic will to protect, acquire, preserve, enhance and maintain these important amenities. Through revealing history , High Definition videography, and nostalgic imagery , "Parks for the People" recounts how these places came to be and the unique place the Twin Cities park systems hold in the American Landscape.
56 minutes long
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