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Twin Cities Public Television is ready to assist you in your production needs! As a full-service production facility we are equipped and staffed to undertake a wide variety of productions from one-camera field shoots to multi-camera studio productions. We work in all stages of production from planning and design through final delivery. Our extensive experience allows us to exceed our clients' expectations year after year.

Our St. Paul facility includes two studios, a control room and up to six studio cameras, supported by green rooms, make-up rooms, office space and a large scenery shop. The studios are served by a large freight elevator, capable of moving vehicles and large set pieces to the stage level. In addition, we offer extensive post-production facilities (online and offline) for Final Cut Pro editing and finishing support for most formats, including SD, HDV and HD. Audio and sweetening facilities support Pro Tools LE and HD capable of producing Dolby 5.1 surround.

Fact Sheet

Twin Cities Public Television's field production options provide a lot of flexibility when working remotely. We offer a variety of field rigs, including three Sony XDCAM cameras, three EX3 HD-SDI cameras and one Panasonic DVCPro 50 camera. We also offer a 3-camera switcher package for smaller multi-camera remotes.

Our production team includes some of the most highly-skilled professionals in the region. Members of the tpt production team have won regional and national recognition. Their positive, collaborative approach allows you to consistently receive top-quality results.

For information or estimates, call Amanda Reardon at tpt Production Services - (651) 229-1415, email prodservices@tpt.org or submit your request online.

Production Facility

  • Producing
  • Creative treatments for proposals and show development
  • Studio & field shoots in standard or high definition
  • Audio scoring
  • Live corporate webcasts via fiber or satellite
  • Media tours
  • Project and production management
  • Scripting
  • Graphic design
  • Print and web design; web programming
  • Set design and fabrication
  • Post production

We have experience with the following types of productions:

  • Television pilots
  • Public service announcements
  • Advertisements
  • Infomercials
  • Corporate communications
  • Fundraising videos
  • Professional training videos
  • Live remotes
  • Live webcasts

Our client list includes:

  • Corporations
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Networks
  • Broadcast cable programs
  • Independent producers
  • Production companies
  • Advertising & PR firms
  • Federal and State government agencies

Studio Services

tpt Production Services offers two soundproof studios with 400 amp power for independent crews. We also offer:

  • Complete studio production with full crew and control room.
  • Studio with partial or full crew, with or without control room or remote switcher.
  • Studio with lights and lighting staff.
  • Empty studio with stage manager.
  • Construction shop for set creation.
  • Live connectivity (Web stream, fiber or satellite).
  • Existing set options - Audience risers, alternate looks, cyc, blacks, and green screen solutions.


Studio Information:

One of the largest, fully equipped, soundproof studios with a lighting grid and attached control room in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.

  • 52' x 82' 4,264 sq. ft. (wall to wall)
  • 20 ft. Powered Lighting Grid
  • Fully equipped control room
  • (1) 120 ft. Cyclorama, (unbleached cream-colored muslin)
  • Black Velour Curtains 360°
  • ChromaKey Soft Background 20 ft. sq.
  • Innovator Light Board 96 channels
  • (12) 6K & (168) 2.4K Dimmers. Strand CD-80 (12) 5K
  • Lighting power: 800 amps 3 phase
  • Full complement of lighting fixtures both incandescent and florescent
  • Studio A is wired for 6 studio or handheld cams
  • 36 Mic lines

Separate Company Switch with:

  • 208V, 3 phase, 400 Amp/phase Cam loc utility power available
  • 208V, 3 phase, 100 Amp/phase wall plug utility power available
  • 16 foot by 9 foot wall mounted projector screen with a Christy HD projector and 5.1 surround audio playback

Two alternate looks to the station's public affairs set are available, for a news-oriented program for our clients. Requires minimal set-up and light time.

  • 52' x 52' 2,704 sq. ft. (wall to wall)
  • 20 ft. Lighting Grid
  • Black Velour Curtains 60 ft. wide
  • Studio B is wired for 6 studio or handheld cams
  • Lighting controlled from studio or control room
  • (6) 6K & (96) 2.4K dimmers. Strand CD-80 5K dimmers
  • Lighting power: 400 amp 3 phase
  • Mole Richardson, CCT, Strand lighting instruments
  • 36 Mic lines
  • 208V, 3 phase, 100 Amp/phase utility power available

Control A is equipped to support SD 4x3 / 16x9 and HD production.

  • Grass Valley Kalypso Duo digital video switcher with 3 mix/effects banks; 45 inputs; 3 channel DVE; Chroma-key
  • Calrec Omega audio console with up to 80 live inputs and supports 5.1 surround mixing
  • Clearcom Matrix3 Intercom system Wireless and wired IFB systems
  • Easy News computer prompting software
  • Pinnacle Still File still store
  • Chyron HyperX graphics system

General Studio Info:

  • Studios accessible by freight elevator, 19'x 12'x 15', 10,000 lbs. capacity.
  • Loading dock available
  • Studio doors 20 ft. high

Studio Cameras:

  • (4) SD: Ikegami HK388 w/17 x 12.5 lenses
  • Switchable 4:3 / 16:9 with prompter monitors

Handheld cameras:

  • (2) SD/HD: Panasonic HC-931
  • (1) SD: Ikegami HL-43 lighting grid mounted


  • (1) 14' Jimmy jib rig on studio pedestal

Studio Support:

Production Tape

  • (3) Sony HDW HDCam Decks
  • (1) Panasonic DVCPro HD deck
  • (4) Sony DVW-500 Digital Betacam VTR
  • (3) Sony BVW-75 (Beta SP VTR)
  • (1) Sony DNW SX (1 player - 1 player/recorder)
  • (1) Sony DSR-2000 DV/DVCAM player/recorder (plays DCVPro 25)
  • (2) Sony DSR-1500 DVCam play/recorder
  • (1) Panasonic AJ-D950 DVCPro VTR
  • (2) Ampex VPR-3 (1" VTR)--will take 120-min. tape reels
  • (Telecom noise reduction on 1" VTRs)
  • (1) Sony BVU-800 (3/4" VTR)
  • (6) S-VHS record/play decks
  • (2) Pioneer dual DVD recorder

Captioning HD / SD / Dual Language encoders Xantus system for real time up/down conversion and aspect ratio converter.

Audio Control Room

  • Calrec Omega digital audio console with up to 80 live inputs and supports 5.1 surround mixing
  • Up to 196 line and microphone inputs-outputs
  • Digital processing available on all channels (Gates/Compression/EQ)
  • 5.1 surround audio monitoring
  • Large Microphone compliment for vocal and instrument record
  • Wireless lavaliers and wireless in-ear IFB monitoring
  • Protools 10 Digital Audio Workstation
  • 48 multitrack record paths through MADI to Protools interface
  • (1) 360 systems instant replay
  • (2) TCElectronics M3000 Digital Reverb units

Support Rooms and Services

Scene shop
  • Fully equipped scene shop with paint frame and prop-spray booth
  • Comfortable green room with video monitoring from either studio
  • Men's & women's dressing rooms with showers
  • Separate catering space with full kitchen
  • Full range of reception, security and hospitality services available
Green room
Dressing room

Live Connectivity

  • Satellite Media Tours in studios with gantner phone system in control room
  • Satellite Media Tours/Live webcasts from larger studio with news set for 2 or more and video roll-ins
  • Global and domestic corporate webcasts for virtual live meetings with rich media
  • 72 inch plasma monitor for customized backgrounds
  • VYVX® Fiber Network connection throughout the U.S. and internationally
  • Web stream encoders, Flash or Windows Media

Remote / Field Production


  • Field Video Crew with Videographer & Audio Tech; (Standard Def or Hi Def)
  • Switched Live Remote Multi-Camera Productions (SD or HD)
  • Live events in public venues in Twin Cities and surrounding areas (SD or HD)
  • Remote events including mobile audio / video truck (SD or HD)
  • Speakers, public meetings, seminars, and educational discussions

Available services include:

  • Producing
  • Directing
  • Staging
  • Lighting
  • Audio
  • Grip

(3) Complete field production units include:

  • (3) 4 passenger minivan plus gear
  • (3) PMW-EX3 HD-SDI
  • (2) Sony PDW700 XDCAM / Tripod / 8" monitor
  • (1) Sony PDWF800 XDCAM / Tripod / 8" monitor
  • (1) Base interview lighting kit
  • (Arri & HMI light kits available)
  • (2) Camera mounted wireless audio receivers
  • (2) Wireless transmitters with lavaliere microphones
  • (3) Field audio packages with field mixer, shotgun mic and boom pole plus two Lectrosonic diversity wireless mic systems.

Camera, lens & tripod units:

  • (1) AJ-HDC27FP Varicam HD 720p w/HD monitor
  • (2) XH A1 Cannon HDV camera
  • (2) HVR-Z1U Sony HDV camera
  • (2) HVR-Z1U Sony HDV camera
  • (1) HL-V79W Ikegami DVCpro 50/25

3 Camera switched SD production package

  • (1) Freightliner Sprinter Van
  • (3) Sony DXC-D50WS Cameras
  • (1) SD switcher & monitors
  • (1) mixer with 6 wired lavalieres and snakes
  • (1) DVCam hard drive recording / DVCam decks for iso recording available.

Post Production


  • Editing - Online and Offline (SD and HD)
  • Audio (Editing, Design, Mixing and Scoring)
  • Graphic Design (Motion and After FX)
  • Print and Web Design; Web Programming
  • Format Conversion
  • SD & HD Captioning

Video Facilities:

(3) Uncompressed HD/SD edit suites featuring

  • The latest Apple Final Cut Pro editing software running on 8 core Intel Mac Pro Towers / Aja Kona 3 video cards / Apple X-Raids.
  • A producer workstation with PC and large screen plasma for edit viewing.
  • Choice of video tape formats including HD, HDV and SD.

(2) Compressed SD edit suites featuring

  • The latest Apple Final Cut Pro editing software running on 8 core Intel Mac Pro Towers / Fire wire I/O / Fire wire drives.
  • A producer work station with PC and LCD's for edit viewing. DVCam decks are standard.


Each edit suite can produce 'one off' approval DVD's or fully authored multi-menu DVD for your replication needs.

Audio Facilities:

(2) Audio sweetening rooms featuring

  • Protools HD Accel 2 Digital Audio Workstation / TDM plugins Blue Sky 2.1 and 5.1 monitoring with video playback on a large plasma monitor.
  • Yamaha O2R digital console with Digital connections to Tascam Digital 8-track deck w/TC.


Dolby E encoding available

Sound effect library available.

Announce Booth for Voice-Over featuring

(1) Control Booth equipped with:

  • Mackie Vlz12 mixer
  • Protools DAW
  • Telephone interface
  • 2 Channel Comp/Gate Drawmer DL 24
  • Technics SL-PG6300 CD player
  • Yamaha K-220 cassette deck
For information or estimates, call Amanda Reardon at tpt Production Services - (651) 229-1415, email prodservices@tpt.org or submit your request online.

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