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SciGirls charges into its second season full-STEM ahead! 

Ten new episodes showcase bright, curious, real girls using science, technology, engineering and math in their everyday lives. They design an underwater robot, engineer a “chill” ice-cream-making bike, apply real forensic methods to solving a mysterious crime, and more!

Animated characters Izzie and Jake are back, getting into jams that can only be solved by the real-life SciGirls – and STEM. 

In Season Two, there’s even more of the unique combination of TV and web that won the series a Daytime Emmy for “New Approaches” in its premiere season. Every episode of the TV show features onscreen clues that lead girls to a “mash-up” game on the website, where they can create their own, unique SciGirls stories. Plus, in other new interactive games, kids can search for underwater treasure, care for a colony of honey bees, and design wildlife dioramas.

And of course, kids everywhere can still join the SciGirls safe social network to create personal profiles, upload projects, and connect with other sci-minded girls nationwide.  It’s all about tweens and screens, and SciGirls’ sophomore season will empower girls – and their parents and educators – to tap into the collaboration, exploration, and authentic discovery. Every girl can be a SciGirl!

SciGirls Season 2 Sizzle Reel
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SGIR 201: Aquabots                                                                                                          Thu 10/11/12, 0900-0930/HD03

Akina and friends dive into underwater robotics at the US Naval Academy, building a “SeaPerch” ROV to investigate artificial oyster reefs in Chesapeake Bay.

SGIR 202: Mother Nature’s Shoes                                                                             Thu 10/18/12, 0900-0930/HD03

Nature’s designs, from polar bear paws to penguin flippers, inspire Elin and her best friends to design a safer shoe for walking on Minnesota’s icy winter streets.

SGIR 203: Habitat Havoc                                                                                                Thu 10/25/12, 0900-0930/HD03

Budding naturalist Lea and her SciGirl pals investigate what the non-native Canary Island Palm does to San Diego habitats, comparing the palms to native trees.

SGIR 204: The Awesome App Race                                                                              Thu 11/1/12, 0900-0930/HD03

San Francisco SciGirls shake things up, programming their own smartphone app to highlight the history and geoscience of the 1989 San Francisco Earthquake.

SGIR 205: Multitasking Mania                                                                                       Thu 11/8/12, 0900-0930/HD03

Can teens – juggling computers, smartphones, music, homework, and TV at the same time – multitask as well as they think they can? Alejandra and her friends find out.

SGIR 206: Insulation Station                                                                                        Thu 11/15/12, 0900-0930/HD03

Cold weather, hot science! SciGirls Greta and her 6th grade pals use passive solar heat and bubble-wrap insulation to warm up an ice shanty on a frozen Minnesota lake.

SGIR 207: Workin’ It Out                                                                                               Thu 11/22/12, 0900-0930/HD03

Jekima and friends break a sweat in steamy South Carolina—hiking, playing soccer, dancing and doing yoga—all to find out, “what’s the best exercise for me?”

SGIR 208: Bee Haven                                                                                                      Thu 11/29/12, 0900-0930/HD03

What’s the buzz in urban gardens? The SciGirls use math, mapping and data visualization to help a colony of bees thrive in a downtown Phoenix neighborhood.

SGIR 209: Pedal Power                                                                                                     Thu 12/6/12, 0900-0930/HD03

Best friends Angela, Olivia, Margaret and Rebecca don welding masks and rev up power tools to engineer an ice cream-maker that’s powered by their bikes.

SGIR 210: Super Sleuths                                                                                                Thu 12/13/12, 0900-0930/HD03

At a forensics summer camp, super sleuths Emi and friends team up with real forensic scientists to solve the mysterious theft of the priceless ‘Queen of the Forest’ ceremonial mask.


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