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Summer's Here! Let's Engineer!

Summer of Learning Playlist | WEEK OF JUNE 21, 2021

June 21, 2021

Hey Campers!

Do you like to build things? Do you like to solve problems? We do too! This week we are talking all about engineering. Engineering is the “E” in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). Engineers use science and math to create new things and solve problems. They see things in their life that could work better, and try to think of a solution. Then they build, test, change, and test again until the problem is solved. What will we build this week? Let’s find out!


Hands On Science: Engineering with SMM

Our friends at the Science Museum of Minnesota love to play. One of their favorite ways to play is by creating experiments. You can play along! As you watch, try to imagine what will happen next. This is called making a prediction. Write or draw your predictions!


Think about what the predictions you made. Were you correct? Now that you have more information, how does that change your prediction? The exciting thing about engineering is that it does not matter if your predictions are right or wrong. What matters is that you learned something and had fun.


Slow or speed your roll

Slow or Speed Up Your Roll

In this activity, you’ll use things you find around your house to make a marble run! Make it, change it, and ask questions until it is just right. Every track is different. Engineer it just the way you want!


Elinor Wonders Why – The Seed of an Idea

Where do ideas come from? Engineers study the world around them to solve problems and come up with great ideas. In this episode of Elinor Wonders Why, Elinor is curious about the Velcro on Ari’s watch. How does it work? Who invented Velcro? Where did this person get their great idea?

Adults: the Seed of the Idea episode starts at 13:39.

Elinor learns that nature can inspire great ideas! Think of a problem that you would like to solve. It can be something you have noticed, or something your friends or family have talked about. Study the world around you and use your imagination. What would you engineer to solve this problem? Draw or write out your solution!


Parachute Parade

Parachute Parade

Parachutes help people jump from very high places and reach the ground slowly and safely. In this activity, you will help a toy figurine do the same! Engineer a parachute, then test it to see how slowly it floats to the ground. What can you change to make it fall slower? How slowly will your parachute go?


Wild Kratts Mobile

Wild Kratts – Creature Mobile

Go on a driving adventure with the Kratt brothers! Engineer a race car using creature powers, then test it out on one of six racetracks! How fast can you go?


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