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Family Night on TPT PBS Kids

April 11, 2019

Tune in every week and watch the best of PBS Kids with your family!

Every weekend, the TPT PBS Kids 24/7 Channel airs a special PBS KIDS Family Night – a series of weekly family viewing events featuring movie specials or themed programming every Friday at 6 & 8 pm, and repeating on Saturday and Sunday evenings.

Upcoming Family Night Movie Schedule:

May 17 – 19: ARTHUR: All New!

In this weekend’s PBS KIDS Family Night Arthur marathon, the kids in Elwood City learn that sometimes being part of a community can be challenging. You can help your kids navigate the ups and downs of life with the PBS KIDS for Parents Learn and Grow resources.

In one of the stories on tonight’s PBS KIDS Family Night ARTHUR Marathon, Binky gets cast in a commercial and has a role in the school play; what a dilemma! You can imagine you’re on TV when you play this TV Stars game from ARTHUR.

In tonight’s PBS KIDS Family Night ARTHUR marathon, the kids of Elwood City decide to take a poll to decide if Mr. Ratburn’s math test was too hard. You can have your kids take their own poll on what snacks you’ll have for tonight’s special. Will it be pretzels or this BBQ Flavored Popcorn from PBS Food?

May 24 – 26: DANIEL TIGER’S NEIGHBORHOOD: Tiger Family Trip

On this weekend’s PBS KIDS Family Night the Tiger Family goes on a very big trip. In anticipation of this summer when lots of friends are going away, but will be coming back, too, kids can practice going away and coming back by playing All On Board! From DANIEL TIGER’S NEIGHBORHOOD.

Pajamas? Toothbrush? Socks? If you’re heading out on a trip like the Tiger Family in this weekend’s PBS KIDS Family Night special, you may want to make sure you’ve got everything you need packed and ready to go, including the DANIEL TIGER for Parents App yet? It’s completely FREE and features video and songs from DANIEL TIGER’S NEIGHBORHOOD that can help you navigate the little bumps you might hit while you’re on the road.

Vroom! Daniel Tiger and his family are off on a very big trip on this weekend’s PBS KIDS Family Night. Cars are so much fun, and you can join Daniel as he plays with his Tigertastic Car in this read-along.

May 31 – June 2: WILD KRATTS Movie Marathon

In WILD KRATTS: Back in Creature Time (the second movie in our PBS KIDS Family Night movie marathon) the Kratts learn about some pretty cool creature powers from the past. You can create your own creature power suits with your favorite creature powers.

In the second movie on this weekend’s PBS KIDS Family Night Wild Kratts Movie Marathon, the Kratt Brothers travel to the ocean’s deepest depths. You can go on your own deep-sea adventure when you play WILD KRATTS Creature Power Suit Underwater Challenge.

Your PBS KIDS Family Night will be a wiggly bowl of deep-sea fun when you make this Goldfish Jello from PBS Food. We know the WILD KRATTS would love it if they weren’t busy on their Deep Sea Adventure!

June 7 – 9: Preschool Party!

This weekend’s PBS KIDS Family Night Preschool Party is back-to-back preschool fun including one of our favorite episodes from SPLASH AND BUBBLES. Get in the aquatic mood by imagining an all-new undersea creature with this downloadable from SPLASH AND BUBBLES.

Peg and Cat take on some pretty big problems, and tonight’s feature in our PBS KIDS Family Night Preschool Party is no exception. Get ready to save the day right along with them when you play SUPER PEG and CAT GUY.

Who’s your favorite neighbor on DANIEL TIGER’S NEIGHBORHOOD? Choose one to print and color as you take part in this weekends PBS KIDS Family Night Preschool Party featuring Daniel Tiger and lots of our favorite PBS KIDS friends!

June 14 – 16: WILD KRATTS Marathon

Get ready for a WILD KRATTS adventure during this weekend’s WILD KRATTS marathon by downloading your own WILD KRATTS Adventure Passport. Then, take note of the creatures you see on your very own creature adventures.

You can build your own creature mobile – just like Aviva when you play WILD KRATTS Creature Mobile. Can you outrace Zach Varmitech?

Creature adventuring of the kind Chris and Martin undertake in this weekend’s PBS KIDS Family Night WILD KRATTS Movie Marathon takes some serious energy. Get ready for this weekend’s adventures with some No-bake Energy Protein Bites from PBS Parents’ Kitchen Explorers.

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