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Science is Action- Earth Day Birthday 2020

April 17, 2020

Hi, everyone! I’m Laurie Fink, Chair of Science at Science Museum of Minnesota in St. Paul. It is the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day and I hope to inspire you to take action as you celebrate. We are all on different parts of this journey and it is never too late to learn more and make a difference.

The Science Museum of Minnesota has gathered ideas for inspiration at

Cleaning up a nearby storm drain, planting pollinator-friendly plants, talking to your elected representatives and business owners about why you care about the climate, are all things you can do to help address climate change impacts.

Earth Day
The 50th anniversary of Earth Day is Wednesday April 22nd, 2020

Patrick Hamilton, the museum’s Director of Global Change Initiatives, reminds us that, “We live on a human-dominated, interdependent planet. And this planet is home to the healthiest, wealthiest, best educated, most innovative, creative and connected populace in history. The future of Earth will be determined by human decision making, either by default or by design; either by accident or by intention.”

“The future of Earth will be determined by human decision making, either by default or by design; either by accident or by intention.”

Scientists at the Science Museum of Minnesota got together and came up with a list of 5 things we could all be doing to improve our changing climate.


5 Things you can do to help the planet:

  1. Volunteer or donate to environmental organizations.
  2. Electrify your life – especially in MN where Xcel Energy is committed to reduce carbon emissions 80% by 2030 and has an aspiration to serve customers with carbon-free electricity by 2050. And then try to use less electricity!
  3. Use Mass Transit, bike or walk when possible.
  4. Eat less meat and dairy and waste less food.
  5. Learn more about the crisis from science based organizations.


I urge you to make the decision to take action to combat the changing climate. Take a pledge to learn, explore, and do something to make a difference as we celebrate this Earth Day Birthday.

Show us how you took action by using #SMMEarthDayBirthday.

Laurie Fink, PhD
Chair of Science
Science Museum of Minnesota


Here are some other sources of great information, recommended by Dr. Fink:

Climate Generation
Project Drawdown
The Climate Reality Project
Climate and Minnesota
Climate Change in MN



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