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Amy Ballinger Captures Dream Worlds With Photography

July 19, 2018

By Ryan Klabunde | MN Original Producer


Amy Ballinger Discusses Her Series “Dreams”

Amy Ballinger's "Ladder"
“Passage” by Amy Ballinger

Q: Your first series “Dreams” was exhibited at ditch.Gallery April-June 2018.  Can you describe the series and inspiration behind it?

Amy Ballinger: The “Dreams” series is a collection of work that shows two young girls in a variety of different dreamscapes. The idea behind it was to create something beautiful and inspiring using scenarios that could only occur in a dream. I felt like after creating a lot of dark work for some time, I wanted to do something light and uplifting. I wanted to portray the idea of reaching for and accomplishing impossible dreams.

Q: There aren’t any dark elements in “Dreams,” in comparison to past work.  What are some other differences in the series?

AB: In addition to the lack of dark elements, this series is completely shot indoors (or what appears to be indoors). While I have shot inside in the past, my work was most often shot outside, primarily in an open field or woods. Also, this is the first time I have made a cohesive series of more than 2 or 3 images. I made sure they all had a similar look, feel and set-up. There are elements I carried across most or all of the images, like the empty frames, clouds and the weathered wood floor.

Q: “Dreams” is a compilation of eight images, what is your favorite and why?

Amy Ballinger's 'Voyager'
“Voyager” by Amy Ballinger

AB: My favorite is “Voyager.” I’m not sure if it is because it was the first one I completed in the series and I was just so happy it worked out or if it is because it’s the strongest image. I love how natural the model looks in the air like its no big deal to be floating, the surreal and impossible nature of it and the flow of composition and color.

Q: “Dreams” was primarily photographed indoors, do you have a preference photographing indoor vs outdoor?  What are the advantages or disadvantages between the two?

AB: I love both. If I had to choose one, I would probably say outdoors since I love being outside and creating in nature. However, it is much easier to control the environment and lighting indoors, so there is definitely an advantage to shooting inside. Also when shooting indoors I can leave the set up for several days which allows me to go back and reshoot some elements if need be after I have started working in Photoshop.

Q: Since “Dreams” completion, are there plans for beginning a new series?

AB: I have started on a nightmares series which will be similar to “Dreams,” but with dark elements. I also plan to collaborate with Samantha Rei, a local fashion designer, on a series about logic and perspective this fall.

“The Awakening” by Amy Ballinger
Amy Ballinger

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