The Schubert Club's Letters Collection

Pianist James Callahan points out that the 1878 piano he is using may have even been played on by Brahms or Liszt; he is inspired by the chance to follow in their footsteps. Think of something you do well. Write about someone who inspires your performance. If you are an athlete, who is your role model? If you’re a dancer, who would you like to emulate? If you’re a writer, whose books do you read over and over again? If you are passionate about cooking, what chef would you like to meet and learn from?

Now put yourself in the place of Schubert Club librarian Jason Kudrna, who promotes music by sharing The Schubert Club’s collection of letters and manuscripts by famous composers. If you could design a library to showcase the history of the important people and the tools they used in your area of interest, how would you do it? Would you design a website? Would you have a place people could come to for study? Would there be objects you’d collect?

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