Monroe Crossing: Easy To Get Lost


Writing/Essay Journal
This group’s bluegrass musical style uses banjo, fiddle, guitar, bass and mandolin to create a distinctive style. Their voices and old fashioned outfits also help set the mood. In Easy to Get Lost, Monroe Crossing sings about the “hard luck game” of life and concludes that in this mixed-up world it’s “easy to get lost when you don’t know where you’re going.” Despite sounding upbeat, their lyrics don’t offer much hope. Write about a time when you felt that a small problem just kept on growing. Add a few new lines to their song which create a happy ending. How did you keep a snowflake from growing into an avalanche?

If you wanted to write a song to get across the message that it’s easy to get lost in a mixed-up world, what style of music would you pick? Describe the video you’d make and include instrumentation, musical genre and costumes. Compare your video with theirs.

Which one gets the idea across more effectively?

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