Mohamud Mumin - Photographer


Mohamud Mumin uses photos and video to share the stories of Somali immigrants who are defining their identities in a new country. By honestly showing the diversity of their goals and experiences, he hopes to bring understanding and care.

Make a “KWL Chart” about Somalis in Minnesota. Prior to watching the video, write out the first two columns: one column is for what you already KNOW, one is for what you WANT to know. Then watch the video and write what you LEARNED.

Mohamud’s documentary photography project The Youth Project shines a light on young Somali people who are positively engaged in their community. Find a project in your neighborhood with a positive impact for which you could volunteer. Contact them, donate a few hours of your time, and based on your experience, prepare a 2-4 minute presentation to share in class.

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