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Objectives: Michael Hall’s children’s books are full of vibrant and colorful images that help tell the book’s story.  For this activity, a six-word story will be created and accompanied by images to enhance the story – the images can be either drawn, painted, or collaged images, or those found online.  The story will be a completed slideshow with subtitles, and can be done on iPad software such as iMovie.  Or, if you do not have access to an iPad, create an image (drawing/painting/collage) with the story on the image itself.

Tools/Resources: Pen and paper, images for story (either made by hand or found online), iPad with movie editing software (such as iMovie),  art supplies (varies depending on if doing a painting, drawing, or collage), and various examples of six-word stories. You can find some examples by grade at https://www.brainpickings.org/2013/01/09/six-word-memoirs-students/

1) Watch the segment and discuss:

a. What kind of author is Michael Hall?

b. How does Michael Hall use illustrations in his books?

c. Why are the illustrations an important part of Michael Hall’s books?

2) Create a six-word story.

a. Look over some examples of the six-word stories from the link above.

b. Think of a sentence or two that tells a story without telling an entire story.

i. Tip: Use contractions (I’m vs I am; Can’t vs Can Not) if sentence are too long.

ii. Reduce the number of words until you only have six words.

iii. Tip: Have fun with it! Try various stories until you find one you like most.

c. Create the art piece (iPad):

i. Find or create images.

ii. In the movie editing app, add images into a slideshow with subtitles during particular frames to create a six word story “movie.”

iii. Add music, titles, and transitions if necessary. Enjoy!

d. Create the art piece (no iPad):

i. Paint, draw, or collage a picture that helps illustrate your six-word story.

ii. Add the words from your story into the picture.

iii. Enjoy!

For information on the academic standards fulfilled by this activity download the full guide.

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