Lea Thompson - Actress, Director, Writer

Objectives: From Hollywood blockbusters to independent cinema to local theatre companies, Lea Thompson has had a multitude of experiences within the theater art form. In this activity, we will take a closer look at the differences between the stage and the screen to develop a greater appreciation and understanding of them.

Tools/Resources: MN Original video clip, various clips of theater and movie performances (try YouTube). Try to find examples that are of the same story but from both screen and stage (anything by William Shakespeare,“Annie”, “Big”, and “Peter Pan” are good examples).


  1. Watch the segment and discuss:

    a. What do you think are the differences between stories told in a movie versus stories told on a stage?

    b. How have Lea Thompson’s experiences helped her career as an actor, writer, and director?

    c. Why do you think it’s better to have a variety of experiences in the theater artform instead of only one?

  2. Draw two big intersecting circles – label one “Stage” and one “Screen”

    a. the spaces not touching are unique to those specific categories, but the center are aspects they have in common

    b. (See example below)

    c. Play the stage and screen versions of the story found on Youtube (see suggestions in “Tools/Resources” section)

  3. For each video clip, discuss:

    a. What did you see in the screen clip vs. the stage clip?

    b. What do they make you think about? How are they different?

    c. What do you wonder about?

    d. Are there any way they are the same?

    e. What is the advantage of performing a story one way vs the other?

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